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What to do if you Lose your Leader?

I know. You fell asleep while playing Lords Mobile, or you forgot to shelter, and some kid who has no friends captured your leader and is planning on killing it. What now? Here’s my guide on what to do if you lose your leader hero!

Keep reading and I will try to give you all the strategies that you need to employ. Spoiler alert: You won’t get any sympathy or hugs and kisses over here…

What Happens if Your Leader is Captured

Killed Leader in Battle Field

Good news! Not much happens to your account when your leader is captured. You will only lose all the skills that the hero usually gives. Keep reading. But for – the love of ice-cream – please stop the hyperventilated. You will probably survive this!

What I’m about to say now is going to surprise you, but here we go. Losing your leader isn’t such a big deal!

You’re probably not ready to hear this if you haven’t yet gone through all 5 stages of grief, but it’s the truth. Leaders are fully replaceable. Your stats go down for a few days and that’s it. It isn’t such a big deal.

Here’s what happens when you lose your leader:

  • You lose a lot of self-respect!
  • The guild that you belong to will probably torment you
  • You will temporarily lose the stats that the leader added (see below)
  • If you had troops in your castle, you will have to do a lot of healing!
  • Your wall will probably need a lot of help

Here’s what DOESN’T happen when you lose your leader:

  • You will not lose your badges (gold or purple badges etc…). When your hero returns, you will be at the same badge!
  • Your gear, equipment or jewels that was connected to the hero won’t be lost, just temporarily disabled!
  • You won’t lose any of your buildings, research, or familiars

All being said and done, the stakes aren’t too high. The drama is high and that’s about it.

Begging for Your Leader Back

Send Message to Captor

This strategy is the most effective! I’ve lost my leader and this technique works like a charm! Just be prepared to lose a lot of self-respect in the process.

Send the bully an email. Tell him/her that you’ve had a bad day and it would be a great kindness if they returned your hero. Tell them how happy you’d be to get your hero back. If it comes across as genuine, it will work.

People really mellow out when they are reminded that there is a real person behind the castle that they just attacked. My guess is that 7/10 players will send your hero back after a single genuine email.

Most likely, if the person starts a conversation with you, you will get your hero back. If they ignore your email, there is a good chance that you will have to try other methods!

Please note: This trick will only work if you come across as a nice person. If you start calling your captor names or send threats, you will not succeed in melting their hearts.

Rescuing Your Leader

Attacking Back Enemy Castle

Every rational player in Lords Mobile is part of a guild. You can not survive alone. Now is the time to convince your guild members to have your back.

Rally them together and attack back. If you take your enemy’s walls down, you can free your hero. A solid rally attack should do the trick. Find your most powerful (best gear) player and have him lead your guild to war.

Please remember that you personally will be useless as a rally leader (without your hero or troops) and so you will need other players to back-you-up.

Most enemy players (aside for the really big players) may see the rally attack and quickly release your hero to avoid losing their own army. Most players can’t absorb fully rally attacks.

Paying the Ransom

Leader Captured Paying ransom
An old screenshot of my hero captured. Note the 500,000,000 ransom… Usually, the ransoms are a lot smaller!

Lords Mobile has an option to set a ransom on captured heroes. The captor can assign a gold value to your hero. When you pay the ransom, your hero will walk free from prison.

This technique is a matter of contention. Some guilds have a policy of never paying ransoms. Like terrorists, negotiating only encourages them to keep attacking. Other guilds don’t really care. Whatever it takes!

Think carefully before you start paying large gold deposits to free your hero. You may be opening up your guild to be a profitable target for the kingdom bullies.

Throwing a Tantrum

Leader Screaming and Shouting

Nothing says that you’re angry like an expletive-filled rant on a guilds diplomacy board. If someone captured your hero you can go full-blown Rambo-tongue.

It will accomplish nothing, but it may make you feel better. For a moment. Until, of course, you encourage your bully to come back for round two.

If you do choose to go this route, there are a few boxes that you will not want to leave unchecked:

  • A full-blown curse-ridden email to the captor of your hero. Blame him for all the personal problems in your life. Don’t forget to also mention any break-ups or divorces within the few sentences.
  • At least 10 very angry messages on the diplomacy board of the captors guild. This technique works best if you first translate the message into a language that the guild doesn’t understand! Expert Tip: Mention the words “dogs” and “pigs” as often as possible.
  • Leave your guild a sob-story email in which you threaten to leave Lords Mobile. If you can blame them you will get extra points. Make sure that you do something drastic to show how serious you are.
  • Throw the phone against the wall. Make sure that your real-life family sees how angry you are. It’s actually a lot better if you throw someone else’s phone against the wall instead!

How to Use the Devils Cap?

If you don’t stand a chance at recapturing your hero (or convincing the enemy to release it), the Devils Cap is going to be the next best thing to do. The Devil Cap will kill your hero quicker and thereby enable you to get your hero back sooner.

The catch will be – like most tricks in Lords Mobile – that it will cost money to buy the Devils Cap. It comes in the $5 packs. It’s not a fortune, but it more salt on the already wounded pride.

If you want to get your hero back within 24-hours, this is the way to do it. Killing your hero faster will also prevent your enemy from getting a longer prison boost from your hero…

A few things to consider before going through with the Devils Cap:

  • It will only work from Castle 17 and higher
  • Obviously it won’t work if you have less than 24-hours on your prison sentence… That would be stupid!
  • If you are ranking in the top 50 players in your kingdom, you will have to spend A LOT MORE than just 1 DEvils Cap in order to kill your hero. For some context, the #1 player in the Kingdom will have to spend 20 Devil Caps in order to kill the hero if captured. That’s a lot of money!

Using the Revival Fruit

There is one more step after your hero is executed (or poisoned by the Devils Cap) before you can use him/her again. Of course, you guessed it, it needs to be revived from the dead.

The good news is that it is actually quite simple. The Revival Fruit costs 1,000 gems from the Gem Mall (assuming that you don’t already have loads saved up from events).

Use the Revival Fruit and you’ll be back to normal. Kind of…

Final Thoughts on Losing Your Leader

dead leader lords mobile
This is what the leader looks like after death…

Having your leader captured is an emotional trip even though it’s relatively harmless in the long run.

If you try all the above techniques and it doesn’t work, then prepare your “Revival Fruit” and move on. It can be found in the Guild Shop for 60,000 Guild Coins.

A few days later, you will be just like new.

Use the comments below, to receive “emotional healing” from my supportive fans. Or you can just be a grown-up and get over it. Bigger things have happened to you in real life (one would think).

Unless, of course, you are a grown adult who still lives in their parent’s basement. In that case, please lose your cool. You really deserve this melt-down.