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Magmaroid Hero Rundown

Okay, it took a bloody long time, but we finally got a new hero. Magmaroid’s his name. He looks like lava, hence the stupid name. Go figure! more of the usual stupidity.

Like almost all the heroes, aside for Rose Knight, Magmaroid has some really good elements (pun) and also some things about it that are rather bleh…

Magmaroid Backstory

This is the most disappointing part about Magmaroid. Magmaroid’s backstory is as tightly woven together as the tale of Humpty Dumpty. In other words, it’s a freakin mess.

It starts off trying to evoke depth and lore (as IGG always try to do without success) and then it takes a complete turn and claim that this is a peaceful hero.

Who the hell wants a peaceful hero to help you fight your battles? If I wanted a pacifist I would hire a hippy to join my rallies.

What the heck?

Magmaroid Stats

Magmaroid Strength Hero Skills

The Magmaroid’s Stats are fantastic! If you are partial P2P and have purchased heroes in the past, you should probably read up a little about this hero. He’s important.

Magmaroid in Colosseum

Magmaroid in Colosseum

The Magmaroid is a monster in the Colosseum. Half a look at the specs should have already taught you that.

His ultimate attack deals a 5-BLOODY-SECOND-STUN against a medium area! That’s massive.

The other attacks are also stunners. And being that stunning is one of the most effective Colosseum techniques, you will want to pay attention to this hero.

Also at 32,432 HP, the Magmaroid is one of the strongest tanks in Lords Mobile. He’s also a high Magic Defense Tank which will give him an even stronger edge.

His ultimate is also really quick and so he can stun everyone right at the beginning of the match.

Magmaroid Fighting in Colosseum

In short, he’s amazing in the colosseum!

Magmaroid Monster Hunting

I haven’t tested out the Magmaroid in Monster Hunting yet, but I’ve seen his stats and they don’t look good for Monster Hunting.

I will update this space with more information down the line, but my guess is that my opinion won’t change!

Magmaroid in Battle (and Battle Skills)

Magmaroid Hero Battle Skills Infantry

Here’s the thing. Magmaroid is awesome for Battle, and here’s why – for those who suck at paying attention – becuase he DOESN’T NEED TO BE SENT to battle. All of his skills are PASSIVE. As soon as you upgrade him, his battle skills automatically apply to your troops.

That’s MUCH better than regular hero boosts!

Of course, the ATK is 10% boost instead of 30%, but the passiveness is pretty awesome!

  • Infantry DEF blessing: Infantry DEF 10%
  • Infantry ATK blessing: Infantry ATK 10%
  • Gear Crafting Boost: Crafting Speed 20%

And as you can guess, he’s a Infantry leader.

But if you send him to war, I will find you, hunt you, and zero you! Consider yourself warned!

How to Unlock Magmaroid and Cost

Magmaroid Paid Pack

Magmaroid is a Pay-to-Play hero. In other words your going to have to drop your bank account to uplift your IGG account. A fair exchange according to 10,000’s of Lords Mobile players…

The Magmaroid costs $5 to unlock and if you buy him slowly will cost $160 to fully max to gold.

If you go quickly, the $20 pack will only give you 14 badges. You get the drift. It will take a lot more money!

Should you do it?

I’m not your financial manager. I reckon that you should get off the coach that sleep on, climb up from the basement, and ask your mom if she minds that you’ll be using her credit card… Yet again…

Final Thoughts

The Magmaroid is a solid hero. Of course, it is super annoying that we are getting yet another P2P hero instead of a free one. But such is the way of IGG and Lords Mobile

Another note is the similarity between the Magmaroid and the Boommeister.

My prediction is that Lords Mobile will push out another similar-style hero very soon that will be the Cavalry version of this same hero.

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