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Understanding Max Army Size in Lords Mobile

The Max Army Size is very important in Lords Mobile. It can make the difference between ruining an enemy castle or losing your hero. In this article, I’m going to teach you everything that you need to know about – not being an idiot – and using Army Max Size correctly.

What is Max Army Size and Max Coalition Army Size?

Most of you should know this already. If you do, you can skip this section and the next section, and go onto the advanced-(ish) sections.

If you’re dumb and clueless, please keep reading.

The game only enables you to send a certain amount of attacking soldiers at any given time. The objective of any gamer with brains inside his skull is to try and get as many soldiers to join the attack. The more soldiers you sent, the harder it will be for the defenders to repel, and the less damage taken.

The same thing will apply for rallies. You will want your rallies to be as full as possible. The more soldiers that are able to join, the better chance you have of fulfilling your objective.

And NO! The max army size will have no impact on how many soldiers are defending your castle. All of your defending soldiers will join, all of the time!

Upgrading the Castle for Max Army Size

Castle Level 25 in Lords Mobile

This section is also for newbies. Regular players can skip this.

Until you’ve maxed your castle up to level 25, your troop attacking will be capped.

Here’s a table that breaks down how many troops you’re allowed to send for each castle level.

Castle Level 11,600 Troops
Castle Level 24,000 Troops
Castle Level 38,000 Troops
Castle Level 412,000 Troops
Castle Level 516,000 Troops
Castle Level 620,000 Troops
Castle Level 724,000 Troops
Castle Level 828,000 Troops
Castle Level 932,000 Troops
Castle Level 1036,000 Troops
Castle Level 1140,000 Troops
Castle Level 1244,000 Troops
Castle Level 1350,000 Troops
Castle Level 1456,000 Troops
Castle Level 1562,000 Troops
Castle Level 1668,000 Troops
Castle Level 1774,000 Troops
Castle Level 1880,000 Troops
Castle Level 1990,000 Troops
Castle Level 20100,000 Troops
Castle Level 21110,000 Troops
Castle Level 22120,000 Troops
Castle Level 23140,000 Troops
Castle Level 24160,000 Troops
Castle Level 25200,000 Troops

When you reach Level 25, you can send 200,000 troops.

Very Important: If you max out your heroes, and you send all 5 heroes to the battle, you’ll be able to add another 50,000 soldiers.

How to Use the Max Army Size Boost

The single biggest and easiest army booster that will apply all across the game (aside for Guild Showdown), will be the Turf Boosts.

This is the standard way that players get a massive boost right before starting to fight.

So if, for example, you’re able to send 250,000 troops and then you pop the 50% Army Size Boost, you will now be able to send 375,000 troops.

There are three Max Army Turf Boosts:

  • 5% Ghastly Army Size Boost – Yes. This is only a 5% increase. It was part of a Halloween promotion. Obviously it’s a joke and shouldn’t be actually used in serious combat.
  • 20% Army Size Boost – I wouldn’t recommend unless it’s a small battle and you don’t have the gems to a 50% Army Size Boost.
  • 50% Army Size Boost – If you’re a serious player you will always want to pop one of these pills before going to battle. It’s expensive, but so is healing and rebuilding all the troops you would have lost…

Rally Lead Note: If you’re leading a rally, the 50% Army boost will enable you to send 375,000 troops as the leader + an additional 2,000,000 troops inside the rally. That’s a total of 2,375,000 soldiers!

Increasing Army Size for Darknest Rallies

Darknest Invasion Research in Academy

In addition to all the upgrades and boosts mentioned above, Lords Mobile lets you research an additional Army Size Boost for Darknest Rallies. You can add another 50,000 soldiers to your rally.

Do it!

It really can save the rally. Additionally, you will be able to send 50,000 extra troops to your guild-mates rallies. This will really help out the guild.

This research is inside of the “Military Command” section and is called “Darknest Invasion”.

Max it!

You will have to upgrade a bunch of other researches until you get up to it, but it is worth it.

To learn more about attacking the Darknest, click here.

Max Coalition Army Size

trojan horse max coalition army size
The third option is Trojan Horse. That’s the feature that boosts the Max Coalition Army Size.

In addition to all the boost mentioned above (and obviously excluding the Darknest Boost), there are special boosts that will add to your numbers when leading a rally.

Firstly, and this shouldn’t have to be said, you need to bloody update your Battle Hall to Level 25. You will only get 2,000,000 troops if you have maxed the Battle Hall.

Secondly, and this is really hard, get the Trojan Horse. Once you bring it to Adult Level, you will be able to add more soldiers to your coalition with a few skillstones (18 Choas Cores). It may not sound like a lot but adding 125,000 extra soldiers to your rally is nothing to laugh at.

Wonder Battles (Research and P2P Heroes)

Max army size in Wonders

Wonders are a different story entirely. They have a lot more boosting options and that is why you will scout a wonder and see a lot more than 2.3m troops inside.

There are two big ways to get more troops in your wonder:

  • Research. You will need to do a lot of it! The “Wonder Battle” tree in the Academy has two upgrades that you will need to focus on: “Wonder Rally I” and “Wonder Rally II”. Bad news is that you’ll have to unlock a lot of other researches until you get there. Once you unlock both, you’ll be able to add 1,000,000 soldiers to your wonder rally.
  • P2P Heroes. There are 3 Paid Heroes that, when maxed, will add Wonder Battle Coalition Army Troops by 200,000 each. That means an additional 600,000 troops if you max out all 3 paid heroes. The 3 heroes are Snail Princess, Cursed Hunter, and Don Guapo. The good news is that you don’t need to send them to battle in order to receive their army boost.

Other than the above 2 Wonder Boosts, all the other aforementioned boosts will also work!

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