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Mega Maggot Cheatsheet

Ok. You want to kill a lot of Mega Maggot’s. Either you want to build up your range or you are preparing the ultimate trap or defensive account. Good work. You worked out how to play Lords Mobile.

You’re not as dumb as you look. Or maybe you are. It will really depend on a lot more than this decision…

About Mega Maggot

The Mega Maggot looks like “the boss” from a game that would have been very popular in the 1980’s. IGG is known for its superior graphics. But this “piece of work” is a genuine “piece of work”…

The description warns you to watch out for the poisonous venom from the Mega Maggot tail. And yet, like most of the descriptions on the Monster Hunting screens, you can completely ignore it.

In short, to win the Mega Maggot most effectively you will need to a Magical Lineup. This is not to be confused with using whatever heroes you decide to insert into the lineup.

Just because a hero looks magical doesn’t mean that it is actually magical. Use your brain for the thinking and not your fingers…

Attacking the Mega Maggot

Are you not ashamed for attempting to kill a harmless creature? For shame! What did this maggot ever do to you? I say, “live and let live”!

Anyways, there are free to play heroes and pay to play heroes that are better and worse than each other. Learning the best players at your disposal will also let you transpose through the heroes depending on how far along you’ve upgraded them.

  1. Incinerator
  2. Petite Devil (Pay to Play)
  3. Dream Witch (Pay to Play)
  4. Songstress of the Sea (Pay to Play)
  5. Bombin’ Goblin
  6. Incinerator
  7. Snow Queen
  8. Prima Donna
  9. Child of Light
  10. Sage of Storm
Mega Maggot Hero Lineup

Mega Maggot Lineup

Here are the best lineups for the Mega Maggot based on my research. A lot of my information is the same as HephBot, but I do disagree at times.

Level 1 Mega Maggot: Sage of Storms, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Incinerator, and Prima Donna.

Level 2 Mega Maggot: Elementalist, Bomblin Goblin, Snow Queen, Incinerator, and Prima Donna.

Level 3 Mega Maggot: Bomblin Goblin, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Incinerator, and Prima Donna.

Level 4 Mega Maggot: Child of Light, Bomblin Goblin, Snow Queen, Incinerator, and Prima Donna.

Level 5 Mega Maggot: Child of Light Bomblin Goblin, Snow Queen, Incinerator, and Prima Donna.

Mega Maggot Gear

Mega Maggot Gear

The Mega Maggot gear is really important if you want to build up a strong castle and trap defense. Now I’m not saying that that is a good idea. Stop getting stupid ideas in your head!

But if you plan on taking your wall and traps seriously, the Mega Maggot Gear is important.

The other thing that the Mega Maggot is good for is Range ATK. The Mega Maggot accessory Ring Blight is a cheaper way to get a Range attack.

And here goes my opinion.

Don’t focus too much on the Mega Maggot unless you are a massive player or someone who wants to focus almost exclusively on their wall…

Otherwise, the Gargantua or the Bon Appeti is 100 times better!

Mega Maggot Monster Hitting Rewards

Mega Maggot Rewards
  • Mega Egg-sac
  • Maggot Tail
  • Mega Barb
  • Corrosive Toxin (rare)
  • Shield (8h, 24h, 3d)
  • (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000) Gems
  • (60m, 3hr, 8hr, 15hr, 24h) Speed Up
  • Hero Chest
  • Resources

Mega Maggot Paid Packs

Here’s the thing.

As I mentioned before – and am now repeating for the clueless and brainless – the Mega Maggot isn’t the greatest monster in the world.

Paying for the Mega Maggot is kind of a dumb idea.

But it’s your money and it’s your credit card. I don’t care much about what you do with your life. Have at it! Knock yourself out.

The drop rate is one of the highest in the game. Which means that you have a very high chance of getting the rare Corrosive Toxin. Those are incredible odds!

  • Corrosive Toxin 9%
  • Mega Barb 27%
  • Mega Egg-sac 27%
  • Maggot Tail 28%
  • Maggot Teeth 9%
Corrosive Toxin19.00%
Mega Barb127.00%
Mega Egg-sac127.00%
Maggot Tail128.00%
Maggot Teeth19.00%

My Unapologetic Plug

Mega Maggot Close Up

I’m done. I’ve now impacted all the sacred knowledge about the Mega Maggot. As a reward for you paying attention until now, I will present you with a few other articles on Lords Mobile. Don’t read these articles too quickly. There is only a limited supply of my wisdom!