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Monster Cycle Rotation in Lords Mobile

Monster Hunting in Lords Mobile is a big part of the game. The problem is that some of the monsters are just stupid and others aren’t for you. Learning and remembering the monster cycle is really important if you want to use your “monster hunting energy” properly.

Monster Cycle Rotation Schedule

The Monster Cycle Schedule in Lords Mobile is rigid. Most people think its random, but spoiler alert, they come out in the same order. That’s actually good news. It means – unless you’re a moron – you can prepare yourself in advance.

Here’s the order.

First is the… Ha. Yeh. It keeps changing every few months. As soon as I know the latest cycle I will add it here.

Mecha Trojan, Gargantua, Bon Appeti, Gryphon, Saberfang, Jade Wyrm, Snow Beast, Tidal Titan, Terrorthorn, Blackwing, Hardrox, Hell Drider, Mega Maggot, Voodoo Shaman, Frostwing, Noceros, Grim Reaper, Queen Bee. Thank you GianLupo90 from the comments.

How Often do Monster Cycle?

Bon Appeti Monster Hunting in Lords Mobile

Each monster’s rotation cycle lasts for exactly 2 days and starts 1 day into the cycle of the previous monster. There are always two active monsters during the rotation.

Another important thing to know is that the monsters that show up on the kingdom map will stay visible for 2 hours and 55 minutes. They will then disappear for 5 minutes. And then start the process again.

The entire cycle of monsters starts from the beginning every two weeks, and so assuming that the rotation doesn’t completely change, you should expect to see the same monster appear two weeks after it goes.

Monster Hunting Paid Packs

Blackwing Paid Paid Rotation

Most of you play Lords Mobile as if your dreaming and so things that may be obvious to an actual player, will fly right over your head.

Here’s something that you should have noticed, but didn’t because you were way too busy building siege troops to realize. The monster Hunting Paid Packs rotate at the same timing as the monster rotation.

Tips for Monster Hunting

Monster Gold in Lords Mobile

I have an entire article dedicated to the right heroes to use for Monster Hunting. Check it out!

Here are a few tips for overall monster hunting:

  • The more you hit a monster, the more powerful your next hit becomes. It is a lot better to single hit the monster than to take one massive hit against it!
  • If you’re P2P, buy monster hunting gear. It’s a great investment… Make sure that you buy only “Monster Slayer” and not the other Monster Hunting Packs.
  • For large monsters, calculate the large 2-3 strikes in advance and then add enough energy to finish it. You don’t want to leave 0.05% and have someone else jump in and snatch it up!
  • If you’re attacking a very large monster, move next to it so that if someone tries to steal it you can beat them to it.
  • If you are going for a big monster that you won’t be able to finish off, put the coordinates of the monster into your guild chat. Let everyone help!
  • Use the bloody monster-hunting guides. Don’t just wing it.

Joining Monster Hunting Guilds

Monster Guilds

There are guilds dedicated to Monster Hunting. This is a great way to get lots of awesome gifts.

You leave your existing guild for about 20-30mins and join a group. The requirements are usually something like this:

  • 12 x Level 2 Monsters
  • 4 x Level 3 Monsters
  • 1 x Level 4 + 1 x Level 3
  • 1 x Level 5

But there are many different combos. Make sure that you understand them before you start. They will expect you to show proof at the end.

Bonus Monsters and Code 66

Code 66 Monsters

There are more monsters in addition to the regular monsters. They are usually part of events.

Code 66 is an event in which you can get monsters that hold resources. The good news is that you can hit them in one-hit. They are extremely weak. The bad news is that they don’t give gifts to the rest of the guild…

Here are the Code 66 monsters:

  • Bouldur – Stone
  • Evil Weevil – Food
  • Goblin – Gold
  • Krabby – Ore
  • Totempest – Wood
  • (Latest) Animare – Anima

The amounts of recourses that you receive will vary from hit to hit.