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My Experience with Coronavirus

Hi all. This is Mark. For those of you who follow my Twitter, you will already know that I had Coronavirus. The rest of you are finding out now! And yes, I had Coronavirus.

Everyone has a different experience and so I will only be able to address how I experienced it.

And, for the clueless ones out there, this is NOT A BLOODY MEDICAL GUIDE, but rather my story.

I was asked to describe what it was like and so I here I go…

What does Coronavirus feel like?

Lying on Couch with Coronavirus
This is a stock image. This is not me! But this is a good representation of how I felt.

It sucks. It’s not fake news or a myth. The Coronavirus really sucks! It’s a nasty virus and it’s not funny. I was miserable for two-and-half rotten weeks!

The symptoms that I experienced:

  • Well, first and foremost, I missed my fans. Not! (I was perfectly fine not thinking about you all for 2 weeks.) I had a great detox from all your negativity!
  • Weakness. I think this was the strongest symptom. The weakness is completely overwhelming! I barely had energy to do anything.
  • Sweating. My body heated up like a sauna. Or just a regular mid-summers day in New England. It was bad news…
  • Coughing. The coughing came towards the end, but it was as annoying as some of the questions you guys ask me. Yes. It was that annoying! I couldn’t stop it and it was really dry and deep. Not fun.
  • Stomach Pains. Not sure if it was even connected to Coronavirus. The doctors reading this can answer that question in the comments. But it hurt like I was burnt by the Frostwing. It was just the slimy icing on the mud-cake.

Thank God, I didn’t get breathing problems and didn’t have to go to the hospital.

How did I catch the Coronavirus?

Face Mask and Corona Virus
Another stock image. Don’t forget to use masks!

No idea. What a stupid question!

Please stop asking me stupid questions.

How did I get Better from Coronavirus?

Holding Toilet Paper
It turns out that collecting toilet paper will not heal you of Coronavirus… I healed myself without hoarding… I should inform the CDC of this breakthrough.

I didn’t really do much to help myself get better. It kind of just happened. I lay in bed for 2 weeks and did nothing (almost like half the players in your guild during Guild Fest). And then at the end of it, I was feeling better.

I did a video-chat with my doctor. He didn’t really tell me anything that I hadn’t looked up 3,000 times on the CDC website. Good guy, but there wasn’t much he could do. He told me that if it gets worse, I should call him.

Define “worse” when you’re feeling like a rag in a washing machine… Anyways.

I drank like a camel. I didn’t want to drink, but I knew that I had to. And so I did. My guess is that I guzzled enough water to fill half a pool. And then spent every other minute limping back in the bathroom. Yay me!

I barely ate. In the span of 5 days, I lost 20 pounds. For all international readers, that’s a bloody lot! Go do the calculations in kilograms by yourself. I can’t be bothered.

Oh. I also took a lot of Tylenol. I don’t know if it worked, but I think that it acted as a placebo of sorts…

How long did Coronavirus last for?

Man with Mask

I don’t think the CDC even has a solid answer. Everyone is different. Some have it for a few days and some have it for weeks.

For me, it’s a hard question to answer. Here’s why. I felt better after about a week and a half, but then it took about another week to actually get back to regular strength.

I so badly wanted to “will myself back to full strength”, but my body wasn’t cooperating.

So how long was it? I guess, two and a half weeks…

Advice for Others Going Through Coronavirus?

Hero with Sword

Well, I’m not freaking qualified to answer any medical questions. Speak to a doctor or go to the CDC website.

In regards to general advice, I would say to pray and take care of yourself.

There’s not much more to say! And I will not stoop so low as to dish out loads of false platitudes and one-liners that are supposed to give you fake-emotional-boosts. Go to some soppy romantic website if you want that service.

There’s not much more to say in this section and so I will move on!

Gaming During Coronavirus

Gaming Lords Mobile and Coronavirus

This is a website about gaming (and Lords Mobile) and therefore I will touch upon that experience.

At first, as it was slowly getting worse, I found myself with much more time to play. Once it got bad, however, I didn’t even want to think about gaming. I put on a long shield and hardly played.

After the peak of the sickness, I got back into the game. In the final week of the virus, as I was getting stronger, I had enough energy to actually play properly. My mind wasn’t fully into it, but the repetitive tasks were really easy.

All being said, I got a lot of gaming-time in.

Blog writing: Not a word… I couldn’t even think about it!

Summary of My Experience

Advice and Lesson

I got sick. Thank God, I got better. The end of the story.

The lesson of the story?

Draw your own lesson and conclusion. I’m not playing this ridiculous game!

Also, stay the heck indoors until you’re told by the authorities that it is safe to go outside. Don’t be an idiot. This is not a bloody joke!

Here’s my coming back to the world tweet:

That’s it. Now get lost! Or go read my articles on the Best 18 Gadget for Gamers or Battle Guide for Lords Mobile. If you’re in the mood for something funny, go and read my article on how to bite a mosquito back.

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