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My review on Alienware computers

This review was a challenge. I’m a little torn. Usually I just hate on things. That is kinda the point of this blog. That’s why I write!

Alienware, however, is not all that bad. And that depresses me. They do have one of the best lines of quality computers on the market and the computer bodies are freak’en slick. The X51 and Aurora resemble what you would imagine the flight panel of an alien space craft would look like.

But before I get into what I like about them, I want to first rant about their biggest problem.

The Downside of Alienware


It’s only one word and yet it is one of the greatest driving forces that exists on earth. Funnily enough, it seems this great force may be a greater source of motive in whatever planet the aliens come from. Those aliens are one heck of a load of greedy pigs. What should cost $1,500 if you put the pieces together yourself, ends up costing $2500 – $3000 when you put it together yourself, but with Alienware.

True you get this hot, glowing outer shell, but if you have to mortgage your house to pay for the computer, you won’t have a socket to plug the darn thing into.

I own two alienware computers and I love them. I really do. And yet when I look at them, I remember the price tag, and I end up sighing.

Customer Service

Customer service is a nightmare, but nowadays who has good service anyways… Maybe or online banking. The Indians on the phone tried to speak with an American accent, but they clearly weren’t trying hard enough.

The bottom line is: If you want to impress you friends, want good hardware for gaming or programming, and are too much of a lazy bum to put the computer yourself, this is the perfect computer.

I guess I fall under that category and my next upgrade will definitely be an alienware. Unless Apple makes a good iMac.

No, seriously. That was a joke. Apple will never make a good iMac. They are a bunch of useless morons. And the iMac is the worst piece of technology that they’ve ever created.

Ok. I’m signing out before I get too angry. GET LOST.

Final Thoughts

I will only buy Alienware. No other computer comes close. And yet, I will still complain about the elements that they can get better.

Leave a comment. Or don’t leave a comment. I don’t care.