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Mythic Gear in Lords Mobile

Most of my reader will only have green or blue gear. Mythic Gear (Orange) is merely a pipe-dream. It is still important to understand how it all works. And for those already holding at Mythic Gear, pay attention, there are many ways to do this incorrectly.

What is Mythic Gear?

An example of Mythic Gear. Note the Orange (Mythic) gear all the way to the right!

Mythic Gear is one of the latest inventions of Lords Mobile. It is the level that is higher up in the gear level than Gold (yellow). If you don’t know what gear is then you probably are really bad at Lords Mobile and will need to read this article urgently.

In case you were wondering why the Mythic Gear is orange. The answer is very simple. The person choosing the color was as drunk as a skunk. He chugged down too many Ambrosial Cups during lunch and continued the rest of his day as happy as the Bombin Goblin.

The Mythic Gear will give a 40% boost on top of the stats of the Gold Gear. Yes FORTY PERCENTAGE! That is massive!

How to unlock the Mythic Gear?

Good news. The Mythic Gear capabilities are not very hard to unlock. In difficulty level, it’s somewhere between brushing your teeth and putting on the same pair of sock. Yes, I know that this example will now preclude many of my readers.

In order to unlock Mythic Gear you will have to research the “Breakthrough” in Academy. The “Breakthrough” option can be found quite soon in Military Command tree. For those who have been playing Lords Mobile for a while, you will probably not even have to upgrade any earlier researches before unlocking Mythic Gear.

More good news. There is only 1 level to the Breakthrough research. You will need to wait a few days (depending on how advanced your research buffs are) and then you will see the Mythic Gear option in the Workshop.

Easy to research. A few days.

Blazing Embers Packs

The Blazing Embers Pack can be purchased for $4.99 in the USA

The Blazing Embers are needed to upgrade your gear from Gold to Mythic. During the “Fire up the Forge Event”, you can earn them in Hell Events and other Challenges. You can get some in Solo 3 of the Guild Cup Event.

The most effective way to get them would be to purchase them.

You need to Pay! Surprise! I bet you didn’t see that coming. This may be the first time that IGG have actually monetized anything and/or honored P2P players.

BTW, if you don’t understand sarcasm, please get lost. You don’t belong on my website. Go watch Supergirl or any TV show like that.

Wow, I probably just insulted 88% of my audience. This is so much fun!

Unlike every other chest in Lords Mobile, the Embers Chests only contains Blazing Embers (ranging from Common to Legendary). This is actually good news! You will only have to focus on one item from the chests.

I purchased one of the $4.99 packs and this is what came out from the Ember Chest x 7

Another thing to mention, though this isn’t scientific or mentioned anywhere official: The higher value Embers seem to pop up far with far higher odds than with other chests. It may be just an introductory thing, but it may also just mean that Blazing Embers have better odds. I hope that it is the latter. It is the least that Lords Mobile can do! Seriously!

Forging Mythic Equipment

Thank God, the “Geniuses” at IGG didn’t make the Mythic forging process itself any harder than regular forging. Of course you will need Blazing Embers, but otherwise, the process is identical to regular forging.

In order to forge Mythic gear, you will need to produce the same amount of equipment as gold gear + Blazing Embers.

So for example, to upgrade your Fear Drum from Gold Gear to Mythic Gear you will need:

Upgrading Fear Drum Accessory
  • 1 Gold Gargantua Eye (same requirement to go from Purple to Gold)
  • 2 Gold Gargantuan Locks (same requirements as Purple to Gold)
  • 3 Gold Iron Bolts (same requirements as Purple to Gold)
  • 3 Purple Blazing Embers

In short, you will need to recollect the same nonsense that enabled you to get the gold gear + whatever arbitrary amount of Blazing Embers that IGG decides.

PS. If you have a strong Cavalry Army, I would strongly recommend upgrading your Fear Drums to Mythic!

Which Equipment to Upgrade First?

If you are completely F2P I would recommend that you ignore Mythic Gear entirely. There aren’t really many ways to earn Mythic Gear without paying, and for that reason you should just focus on more effective ways to increase your power.

Paid to Play players however can’t afford to ignore the Mythic Gear. It’s too big of an update to pass-off.

I know that many professional players will completely argue with me, but I’m always a sucker for research… My list of Mythic Equipment will always start off with research gear.

Here are my recommendations in order of importance!

  1. Lunar Flutes (Because the materials come from resource tiles and the gear is for research)
  2. Sentinel’s Circlet (Same reason as above, but the reason is for Construction) Please note: If you are an advanced player and have lots of Level 25 buildings I wouldn’t bother with this one!
  3. Mystic Box (For Familiar Training. It does require 4 Gold Embers but everything else is easy)
  4. All of the Noceros Gears (Electric Lance, Lightning Guard, and Noceros Mask)
  5. Frostwing Greatsword (If you’re using this gear as a catch-all ATK for all your troops)
  6. Fear Drums (If you are a Cavalry player)
  7. Hunting Horn (For Monster Hunting. Only requires 6 Purple Embers)
  8. Winter Mitts (It’s easy)

My point is, focus your Embers on building up your account and only afterwards turn your attention to the war gear. It will pay off in the long run.

Everyone is going to ignore my advice and probably start off going for the Beast Helm. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother!

Final Thoughts

Usually my “Final Thoughts” are short. But WOW! I have a lot to say!

Lords Mobile really went for the jugular with this upgrade. It was like they were sending a package of poop to all their dedicated players.

Most (small to mid-range) P2P players who have been playing the game for 2-3 years are still struggling to reach gold gear. Some of them are just starting to realize that their gear is only mediocre at best… This Mythic Gear is really going to change the game.

Unfortunately, most Lords Mobile players haven’t even caught on to the ramifications of this update yet. Once the high-level players start showing up with Mythic Champion Gear, people will start to realize what I mean.

The big-time P2P players are going to be unstoppable with Mythic Gear. Yes. Unstoppable! They will almost have enough stats to break out of the digital world and into your real life!

Another thought that terrifies me is the premise that Lords Mobile is sending. If they can nonchalantly roll out Mythic Gear, they will definitely spring T5 troops on us. At this point it is safe (or unsafe) to say that it is a matter of time!

In short, the update itself is awesome. The inaccessibility/price and premise are scarier than American Politics.