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New Updates for Lords Mobile

Okay. I’m starting a new segmented article that will deal with all the latest updates in Lords Mobile. You’re welcome, losers.

As the new updates come out in Lords Mobile, click this link and you’ll hear my (very-mellow) opinion how good or dreadful I think it is!

IGG 14th Year Anniversary Update

This has been one of the best updates in Lords Mobile for a while, and the most miraculous part about it is that 90% of it is helping the F2P player and the underdogs.

As my fans know, I won’t usually praise anything unless I think it’s really really awesome. In this case, I can tell you straight up.

This is a REALLY good update!

The Auto Use Button

auto use button

The Auto Use button is one of the BEST FEATURES that was added. It has taken 99% of the drama and stress out of the regular boring chores in the game.

In fact it seems that all of Twitter has agreed that the “Auto Use” Button is better than sliced bread. Thank you Twitter!

Honestly, I’m shocked that IGG added it without making it as a paid upgrade (or at least an upgrade in the Academy). But kudos to them, its a rock solid feature.

The new players in the game will not understand the stress that’s been lifted from the game.

This feature will also enable you to heal your troops a lot quicker. All the infirmary traps can celebrate and not have to worry about the timing.

The Cargo Ship is now easier than ever.

Fantasy Cirque

Fantasy Cirque

These events are weird. The masks are easy to get. The prizes are lame. But there is no reason to not collect the prizes. The masks are kind of free as your playing.

You can get masks from:

  • Logging in every day will give you a group of masks
  • Solo Events
  • Hell Events
  • Monster Hunting

I guess the small-time free-to-play players will love this event.

The Sanctuary

Sanctuary Lords Mobile

This is a shocking update, and those who are used to Lords Mobile monetization are still speechless.

Here are the headlines that you need to know about the Sanctuary:

  • Some of the red-dead troops will be automatically healed
  • A chance to retrieve your dead soldiers
  • Up 1,250,000 soldiers will be saved by Sanctuary

The Sanctuary will be a massive help for the underdogs and F2P players. This building gives you a chance to help recover the soldiers that are red-dead!

In simple words: If some massive monster-titan comes and zeroes you, you will be able to recover more than a million of your troops that didn’t make it to the infirmary.

Honestly, I think that IGG popped this update to retain the players that were leaving the game. My guess is that they have been having a massive drop off of users right after the user got zeroed.

I’ve personally seen hundreds of users who build up their account for months, get zeroed after forgetting to shield once, and then storm out of Lords Mobile. Usually with lots of curses and threats…

With this update, you can now get back your zeroed troops. You may have to wait a few days and do a bunch of tasks (that you would have to do anyway), but if that’s the price to get back most of your dead troops, it’s a no-brainer…

I will soon publish an update explaining exactly how the Sanctuary works. Stay tuned!


Hero Magmaroid in Lords Mobile

This is a great hero! There said it. He’s a P2P hero which is a big shame, but after all the other awesome updates, no one is really complaining.

Here is the full article on the Magmaroid.

The summary is:

  • Magmaroid is incredible for the Colosseum (but needs to be green)
  • He’s a sucky Monster Hunter
  • Great for Infantry Attack. Passive Hero!
  • A little more expensive than the previous low-level P2P heroes.

I also made a video on the Magmaroid. Watch it, subscribe to my channel. Or don’t! I don’t really care!

Final Thoughts on 14th Year Update

I’m a fan. I think that Lords Mobile didn’t drop the Lords-Ball for once. This is a solid update!

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