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Oath Keeper

Oath Keeper (Wesley) is the face of Lords Mobile. He is on the logo and he is in all the videos. He is portrayed as the ultimate hero. But is he? Most people say he is useless!

You’ve probably clicked on this link to find out the answer and thankfully I’m not a believer in click-bait! Keep reading to hear my opinion on the Oath Keeper!

Oath Keeper’s Backstory

If you’ve read my opinion elsewhere on the lore of IGG you’ll already know that I think that they suck at it. Humpty Dumpty has a more complicated personality than all of the IGG heroes combined!

Here is Oath Keeper’s story: Wesley was a young boy and now he is big. He is good. The end.

Boring. I’m sleep typing. That’s how asleep I am!

I will wake up tomorrow to continue writing this article!

How to Unlock Oath Keeper

Oath Keeper is the first hero in the game. There is no strategy. Just play the game and you’ll have him.

He can be found by navigating to the helmet icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. He will be one of the heroes on the list.

In order to advance his Medals, you will need to unlock Elite Stage 2-3. If you manage to win the level without losing any of your heroes in the battle (and get 3 stars), you will be able to automatically trigger that Elite Stage and get the Medals quicker.

Elite Stage 3-6 and 8-3 will also enable you to unlock more Oath Keeper medals.

In addition, in order to build up his strength, you will need to unlock all the trophies. Don’t underestimate the trophies. He is pretty useless without them!

Oath Keeper in War

Most (insert: stupid) people assume that Oath Keeper is useless once they begin unlocking other heroes. When they see a hero like Rose Knight, they begin to resent how bad Oath Keeper is. They are wrong.

Oath Keeper isn’t great for everything, but he is the second-best (free to play) infantry leader in the game! When his medal is gold, he will give your infantry an ATK of 30% and an HP boost of 50%. If you are focusing on Infantry Troops, I would strongly recommend maxing him to gold soon after Rose Knight, Trickster, Demon Slayer (the best F2P Inf Hero) and Tracker.

This is obvious, but you, dear readers, are usually so dumb and clueless, and I will have no choice but to Mark-splain it to you. Here we go: If you want to get a battle boost from a hero, you will need to actually send him out with the troops.

Oh and that “Food Boost”. Ugh. Yuk. This almost makes me want to hate Oath Keeper… But I’ll forgive him because he gets so much unjust hatred… He deserves some love!

Oath Keeper vs Death Knight

Oath Keeper vs Death Knight

Most of the advertisements and promotional content from IGG feature some sort of weird rivalry between Oath Keeper and Death Knight. No one is really sure what is going on, least of all the heroes themselves.

It’s like fan fiction created by a 3-year old.

Practically speaking they are both have advantages and disadvantages

  • For Colosseum, Oath Keeper is bad and Death Knight is mediocre
  • They are both bad at monster hunting
  • Only Oath Keeper is a good battle hero
  • Death Knight and Oath Keeper both have a few good moments in the Challenges

In short, Oath Keeper is the winner, but they are both terrible compared to heroes like Rose Knight, Trickster, and Tracker when it comes to non-battle activities.

Understanding Oath Keepers Stats

Oathe Keeper Stats

Oath Keeper doesn’t have the greatest stats, but for beginner players, it is very important to know how he operates.

Here is the basic information that you need to know about the Oath Keeper’s skill-set:

  • Strength Hero (has over 20,000 HP)
  • He is a Physical ATK Hero (in other words – don’t use him for magical attack MATK)
  • His magical defense MDEF is high
  • Strikes an enemy with a shield and stuns them
  • Summons shield (but can be broken easily)
  • His ultimate attack stuns all of the nearby enemies

The stats are boring for advanced players but are critical to beginner players.

At the very beginning, players will need the Oath Keeper to hunt Physical Monsters…

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