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Phantom Knight in Lords Mobile

Do you see an upcoming event called Phantom Pains? Is everyone already starting to give you contradictory opinions on the Phantom Knight?

Well, I’ve decided to weigh-in, and finally, you can ignore everyone else. The truth is coming, yall, and it begs mercy or pardon from no one!

What is the Phantom Knight?

Phantom Knight and Prizes

The Phantom Knight is a special monster that is part of the Phantom Pains Event (no one uses the Event name). He looks like the Balrog from Lords of the Rings – but with smeared avocado all over his face.

What’s his backstory?

Does anyone care? Good. Neither do I!

10 Phantom Knights will appear every 3 hours. Hitting him will give you Research-Speed-up, Gold and Holy Stars! It’s worth it. A great event!

The player who kills the Phantom Knight will get a bonus gift for his entire guild.

The entire event lasts for 3 days. So you should have plenty of time to waste all your monster hunting energy!

How to Attack the Phantom Knight

Heroes Attacking Phantom Knight


The objective of the hunt is not to hurt him with maximum pain. In fact, you want to do the exact opposite. The longer he stays alive the more prizes you can get out of him.

Here are a bunch of rules. Please follow them or else you’re an idiot (and a jerk!).

  • Only send one hero. Yes, I know that there are 5 spots. ONLY SEND 1 HERO for crying-out-loud!
  • Send your weakest hero!
  • Send your hero with as much energy as possible. Don’t just single hit!
  • Use your Monster Hunting gear

Once there is less than 5% left on the monster, everything changes. You will want to try and get the kill shot. Read below my tips to get the kill shot.

Prizes from the Phantom Knight

Labyrinth Attacking for Gold

The prizes from the Phantom Knight ARE AWESOME. Yes, you read that in capital letters. You weren’t imagining. They are that good.

I’ve heard people say that it’s better to use your energy for regular monster hunting. They’re clowns. Ignore them! It’s that simple.

The Logic: The Phantom Knight only has three options of rewards and they’re all awesome (Holy Stars, Gold, and Research Speed ups). Monster hunting Level 5 can give 10k of food. The odds can be awesome but most likely they will just suck!

In short, use everything you have on Monster Hunting the heck out of the Phantom Knight.

Well, what about the monster gear that I so desperately need?

The answer is obvious. Go to the freakin Labyrinth during an event and hit the monster when rare-materials are available. Your odds are so much better! This event is one of the best ways to get holy stars for the labyrinth!

How to Kill Blow the Phantom Knight

Killing Phantom Knight

Ok. Here comes the important part!

But first, it is important to remember that the player who lands the killing blow against the Phantom Knight will earn an Alliance Chest for the entire Guild. Not too shabby but nothing extraordinary!

Until the Phantom Knight researches the last 5% of its strength, hard-hitting it is straight-up stupid. There is a special place in hell reserved for players who do that!

Once the Phantom Knight has 5% strength remaining, you will want to change that strategy. You will want to hit as hard as possible with as much energy as possible. You will want to be the one who kills it! Don’t hold back. Let out your rage!

Additionally, you will want to have a few people in the guild to hit from far away without monster hunting gear. Watch the Phantom Knight carefully and speed up as it starts to get weaker. Use them as timers.

Once the Phantom Knight goes really low, speed the heck out of the Monster Hunters and hit it with the well-timed killing blow.

This technique requires a lot of practice, but it works! I’ve gotten a lot of killing blows doing this!

Tips and Tricks for Phantom Knight

There are a lot of tips for Phantom Knight, and even more common-sense practices. Most of you will just ignore them anyway, but I’m sure that 1-2 of you may listen. So here we go!

  • People are idiots. During the Phantom Knight event, you should keep switching to Global Chat. People keeping sharing the locations of the Phantom Knights. You shouldn’t have to search the kingdom by using the map.
  • If you do find a Phantom Knight, don’t be an aforementioned twat. Don’t share it on Global, but do share it on your guild chat.
  • If you find a quiet Phantom Knight, tell you guild to RELOCATE and not to send hunters from far away. Other players will follow your lines and track down your monster!
  • As mentioned, send only 1 hero.
  • Obviously, don’t’ activate any monster-damage boosts!
  • You Multiplier attacks. Less damage and more effective.
  • USE GEAR. Yes, it will make your attack stronger, but it will also speed up up your hero.
  • Here’s the best tip to be actually able to hit the monster when there a million arrows pointing towards it: _____. Yeh, I got nothing! You’re on your own for this!

Any other tips? Feel free to drop them in the garbage! Or, if you want, you can leave it in the comment below!