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Queen Bee Cheatsheet

The Queen Bee has a few very important gear that you can unlock. In this article – you’ll learn how to not be an idiot – and also everything you’ll need to know about killing and hunting the Queen Bee.

The lineup isn’t terribly difficult, but like everything in Lords Mobile, I have no choice but to hand-feeding all the information to you. You’re welcome!

Attacking the Queen Bee

Queen Bee Monster Hunting Strategy

The Queen Bee is actually one of my favorite monsters to attack. She’s really easy. If you have the correct combo, you can really take her down very quickly.

I’ll make it easy.

  • Magic -> Bad
  • Physical Strength -> Good

If you can’t follow that, you are simply playing the wrong game. Follow this link to play a game that is more on your intellectual capacity… Spoiler Alert: the link goes to a shot-glass version of tic-tack-toe…

Here’s the list of the best heroes to use in order to effectiveness:

  • Black Crow
  • Demon Slayer
  • Femme Fatale (P2P)
  • Scarlet Bolt
  • Tracker
  • Trickster
  • Vengeful Centaur (P2P)

Hero Lineups for Queen Bee

Here are my recommended hero lineups for the Queen Bee.

Keep in mind, and this is bloody important, you must only use these heroes if they are all at similar strength. If, for example, you have Trickster at gold and level 5 and Scarlet Bolt at Grey and level 1, the Trickster should obviously get preference…

With that being said, here we go.

Queen Bee Lineup Attack Monster Hunt Heroes

Level 1 – 5 for Free to Play Players: Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, Tracker, Trickster, and Black Crow.

Level 1 – Level 4 for Pay to Play Players: Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, Femme Fatale, Tracker, and Black Crow.

Level 5 for Pay to Play Players: Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, Femme Fatale, Ethereal Guide, Black Crow.

Gear from the Queen Bee

Mythic Gear for Queen Bee

The gear from the Queen Bee is really important for war. Any serious Cavalry and Range player will want to hunt a boatload of Queen Bees.

Here are the Queen Bee gear materials:

  • Queen Venom (rare)
  • Bee Chrysalis
  • Buzzing Husk
  • Royal Stinger

For those of you not under a rock, you’ve probably already realized that the gear from Queen Bee is incredible! If you are a Range Troop Player or a Cavalry Troop Player you will need to have some of her gear.

Three out of four of the Queen Bee gear are home-runs. The other one is a joke…

  • Bumblehelm (Helmet) at Mythic is Cav ATK 42%, Range ATK 42%, and Army Max HP 28%. This is a serious piece of gear. I personally have it as my main helmet!
  • Nectar Orb (Main Hand) at mythic is Cav ATK 35%, Range ATK 35%, Cav DEF 14%, and Range Max HP 14%.
  • Hardened Carapace (armor) at Mythic is Cav ATK 35%, Range ATK 35%, and Army DEF 14%
  • Honeycomb Chaps (Legs) at Mythic is Cav ATK 16.8%, Range ATK 16.8% and Range DEF 7%. This gear is kinda waste of time. I guess you can unlock it at Level 40 and it’s easy to max, but it’s basically a waste of time compared to the other leg gear out there…

All in all, the Queen Bee offers incredible gear!

Queen Bee Rewards


When monster hunting, you will get rewards. Why am I telling you stuff that is so obvious? The answer, of course, is because you’re stupid. You should read the Monster Hunting Article and the Monster Hunting Cycle Article to learn more…

Here’s the list:

  • Queen Venom (rare)
  • Bee Chrysalis
  • Buzzing Husk
  • Royal Stinger
  • Shields
  • Gems
  • Speed-ups
  • Hero Chest

Queen Bee Packs

The official Queen Bee packs come on the store at the same time that the Queen Bee is on the map. I used to recommend them. No longer. Stay away from them. They’re a bloody ripoff.

Buy the Bundle Up Paid Pack for $9.99. The value is 100x better!

“Why?” you ask.

“Because I said so!”

Queen Bee Drop Rate

Most of you don’t even know what I mean when I say the words drop rate. And so, you should probably skip this and move over to Clash of Clans

Queen Venom3.00%
Royal Stinger6.00%
Buzzing Husk45.50%
Bee Chrysalis45.50%

The numbers, for the dumb people, mean that the Queen Venom will end up coming into your bag a lot less frequently.

Expect to work hard to get the Queen Venoms. Or open your wallet and be prepared to spend your lunch money away.

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