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Don’t Buy the Anker PowerCore 10000 until you read this Review!

You probably came here because you’re a gaming fan. And gamers have serious battery problems, well – among many of their other problems. In this review, I’m going to deal with the Anker Powercore 10000 from the perspective of a mobile gamer (Lords Mobile or any other game as well).

The good news is that if this product gets a good review for mobile gamers, it will be pretty much perfect for everyone else. Gaming drains the batteries.

Spoiler Alert: I’m actually a fan of this product. It isn’t perfect, but it is one of my top pick from the market at this price range! My rating is 4.5/5.

Are you already convinced? Click find the best price for the Anker PowerCore 10000. Or keep reading…

Why Gamers need Battery Packs

Anker Powercore 10000 Top Side Angle

This section should be as dull as most of my reader’s brains. WHY ARE YOU ALL SO STUPID?!? But here we go, catering to the whims of the obtuse and slow!

Mobile Apps are heavy on storage and heavy on the battery. 1 min of gaming = 20 of browsing the internet. That is not a scientific calculation. I just made it up because it sounded about right. Who gave me the license to make stuff up? I DO! Do you have a problem with that? Please leave your hate-message on this page.

In short, gaming drains the battery quickly. You will need to supply more juice to your battery if you want to keep playing.

Enter the Anker PowerCore 10000!

The Anker 10000 Pros and Cons

Anker Powercore 10000 on Gravel

Here’s the thing. I like this device. It’s rock solid and it does what it says, but I will first list the things that I hate about it. Why? Because that is what I do.

The Cons

  • The name. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Seriously. Who the heck sat around the boardroom table and said: “Well, there is the iPhone 8 – and that’s cool and I’ma let you finish – but let’s make the Anker 10,000!” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. If I had a time machine, I would enter that meeting and throw one of the Anker 10000’s at that guy’s head. Even “Anker 10k” would have been a little better.
  • Only 1 USB port. You can only charge 1 device at a time. A bit of let down.
  • Only provides 10000mAh vs the 20000mAh available with some of the more expensive devices.
  • Can’t charge a device while being charged up. See below if your mind is too small to understand…

The Pros

The good news is that I actually have something to write here. Here are the positive things about the Anker 10K (yes, I’ve renamed it. You’re welcome!):

  • It’s light. Really, really light! 180g light! I remember the heavy battery packs, and this is not it.
  • It’s chic and packed nicely.
  • It comes with a small carry bag.
  • High-Speed Charging 3.0
  • It is extremely affordable. You’re not breaking the bank on this product. Unless you are really poor… No offense to poor people.
  • It WORKS! Unlike most of the consumer products out there, this small and stupid product actually works.

Core Features

Anker Powercore 10000 on Rocks

Okay. You’re most likely a nerd, and if that is the case, you will probably also want to boring details about the product. I’m already bored, but here we go.

Expert Tip: Stop boring everyone around you. You may actually make some friends.

The battery contains, you guessed it, 10,000 mAh and here what else:

  • 2.36 x 3.62 x 0.87 inches, and in non-nerd-language it is about the height of the fingers of a grown man and the width of his pinky.
  • The output is 5V=2.4A, and in non-nerd language, it means that it won’t blow your phone to smithereens!
  • Weight is 180g. It’s light. The average human heart is 310g. So aside for the heartless among you, this device will be a lot lighter.

Lords Mobile and the Anker PowerCore 1000

Lords Mobile and Anker 10000

For those who are under a rock or have brains the size of a green bean, this blog – in addition to reviewing businesses and products – focuses on Lords Mobile. Lords Mobile is RPG mobile game that has over 200m players.

The thing is, as the players already know, it is very heavy on the battery. KVK is just one example of a time when you will need the battery to last or the game is over…

I’ve found that this device is a life-saver for me when my battery is running low.

So far this device is my top pick for battery packs when it comes to affordability and effectiveness.

Unboxing and Getting Started

Here’s my unboxing video of the Anker PowerCore 10000. This is how I received it from Amazon. The simplicity of their package is a credit, in my opinion. I hate excessive packaging from some of the other companies!

My unboxing-video of the Anker PowerCore 10000

Here’s what came in the box:

  • A receipt (whatever)
  • Wrapping plastic things
  • The blue box
  • A material carry case
  • The Anker PowerCore 10000
  • A charging USB cable

In the video, I left the carry case and USB cable inside the blue box.

The first thing that you should do after opening up the Anker 10k is to fill it up with power.

My device came half full already, but I still didn’t use it until I charged it to the top!

Alternative Options

Anker Powercore 10000 from Side Angle
Note the two ports on the side. The larger one is to charge your device. The smaller one is to charge up the battery pack.

Of course, Mobile-Gamers aren’t going to be happy with a product review unless I present comparative data, and so in spite of my reservations, here we go – you bunch of ungrateful brats!

Anker 10K Anker 10K IIAnker 20K II
Price$31.99 (Cheapest)$35.99$59.99
Output5V=2.4A5-9V=2A, 9-12V=1.5A 5-9V=2A, 9-12V=1.5A
Size3.6in x 2.3in x 0.9in (Smallest)3.8in x 2.4in x 0.9in6.7 x 2.4 x 0.9in
Weight180g (Lightest)195g369g
Power10,000mAh10,000mAh20,000mAh (Most Powerful)

Do you feel fancy enough yet? Do you want me to make pie graphs as well? Will that satisfy your false intellectual curiosity?


For the dumb people, the Anker 10K is the best option at its price. The Anker II 20K which is double the money has double the power but is also larger and heavier…

A few other battery pack options for those who are hard to please:

  • Solar Powered Pack ($35) by Rleron
  • 32000 mAh powered Battery pack ($74) by RAVPower
  • 24000 mAh powered battery pack ($26) by Kruipu

How to Buy the Anker 10000?

Anker Powercore 10000 Official Photo

Really? Do I have to answer this dumb question? I guess so. You asked it!

There’s this store called Amazon. They’re the new kid on block. They are selling it. Click this link and then check out. Or don’t.

Do what you want.

You’re old enough to make your own life decisions…

How Tough is the Anker 10000?

It’s tough. I’ve used it for a couple of days now. And I’m about to publish this article. It has lasted the small test of time.

I’ve been using it aggressively. It has a few scratches. But this device is not chinaware. Don’t buy this battery charger unless you expect it to get a little banged up as you travel.

Smudges stay on easily because of the smooth surface, but they also come off easily.

I will check in next month to give you an update on how it is holding up. But so far so good.

I will also be publishing an angry video on smashing it! Stay tuned. I want to see how rugged it is!