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Review of Cursed Hunter

Yay! We have another P2P Lords Mobile Hero. The Cursed Hunter has been released. Anyone who didn’t see this coming is a little slow in the head. Yes, offense!

Spoiler alert: There will definitely be another hero coming out next month! Read the bottom section to see my predictions.

About the Cursed Hunter

Well. Either IGG has been reading my blog (very likely*) or they have been sparked with a magical spark of inspiration, but this heroes backstory is a vast improvement over the other heroes. It is almost as if they tried. Even the graphics (like the Snail Princess) are sharper than ever.

The story is a little shallow and empty, but they are trying. It’s almost like they actually care a little about her origin. I just wonder why they don’t hire someone to spend a few days writing. Maybe throw some hints about her skills into her story. Are they limited by text? Is this a tweet or something?

Summary of her story: Cursed Hunter gets tricked and becomes a half monster (who is also green) after killing Merald.

Cursed Hunter Specifications

Okay. The meat of the article. And also, an answer to your uncertainty as to whether to buy her or not. I just wish you could learn to make your own decisions in life instead of relying on my brain…

Here’s the deal. She’s not for everyone. But she’s awesome for those who need her.

Update: The Cursed Hunter is fantastic against the Bon Appeti!

Battle Skills

Cursed Hunter Battle Skills

At full power the Cursed Hunter will give you a 20% Merging Speed boost on Pacts. This isn’t bad, but DEFINITELY not enough of a reason to buy a hero!

The 30% Infantry ATK is awesome, but unfortunately it does not come with an HP boost as well…

And the crown jewel for the big players… The +200,000 Max Coalition Army Size for wonders. This is incredible for big players, and together with Snail Princess will enable holding a wonder seem like a walk in the park… The two heroes together will enable another 400,000 troops to enter the wonder! That is massive!

Colosseum Skills

Cursed Hunter in the Colosseum
Spoiler Alert: This team got crushed. The Beserker at Gold is a monster!

This is where it gets really interesting. I’ve only begun testing her. I’ve maxed out her rank straight to Rank 8 and I’ve upgraded her to Green. And then I placed her in my lineup and watched her.

She’s good! Really good.

I think I will need to do more research, but it could be that she will be able to replace Demon Slayer. She has a higher HP (15,138), a better ATK (2,658), and a slightly better Magical ATK (381). She falls short, by a lot, when it comes to Magical DEF.

Cursed Hunter Fighting

Which means: If you are going against a tank team or a non-magical agile team, put her in to wipe out the healers and then watch her clean up the house. If you see a bunch of magical heroes, keep her away…

Obviously, together with Demon Slayer they are fantastic duo. She doesn’t too well with Shade, but that’s fine because he is a horrible Colosseum hero most of the time…

Also, (I may change my mind but) I don’t think she would be any good in a Colosseum Defensive Team… She can be too easily countered and therefore a huge liability.

There is also one massive bonus with her. SHE HEALS!!!! Not like Lore Weaver, but like Rose Knight… That’s a big deal. She can save the game just by being there…

One catch! Like all Paid Colosseum heroes, she is basically useless as grey. You will need to bring her to at least green (if not blue)…

Cost of Cursed Hunter

Okay. So you decide that you want her…

Cursed Hunter Hero Paid Packs

She cost the same as the Snail Princess.

Grey costs $5, and to bring her to green straight away costs another $20.

If you want to slowly bring her to gold it will cost you $110. If IGG follows the same path as the Snail Princess, my guess is that the will spam the $5 packs very regularly over the next few weeks! To bring her straight to Gold in one shot, it will cost $1,275. You think that no one will do it…

LOTS of players are doing it. Can they please share their money with me! This is ridiculous.

If you don’t plan to eventually bring her to green, I wouldn’t bother at all!

Future Hero Specifications

Okay. Everything above is fact. This section now is my running theories. Most likely I will be correct. But if I’m not, then IGG have done it wrong. Because, as you all know, I’m always right!

Here we go.

Next month there will be another hero. Here is what it will be:

  • Cavalry Hero (with Cavalry ATK 30%)
  • Guy hero
  • Max Coalition Army Size +200,000
  • Skills Stones
  • Tank Hero (HP over 25,000)

Well. There you have it. Stay tuned to watch me – like usual – crush it!

*Mark’s Angry Review is the most popular Lords Mobile blog on the internet. Thank you fans! You did nothing!