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Review of Don Guapo

Oh yeh! I knew almost everything about the Don Guapo before it came out. I predicted it and it happened… How does your boring life feel now? Must be tough to have a low-grade intellectual capacity…

About Don Guapo

Don Guapo ScreenShot

For a moment – yes a bloody brief moment – I thought that IGG was committed to putting effort into the back story of their heroes. If you read the backstory of Cursed Hunter, you may think someone even cared for her character a little.

And then Don Guapo rolled onto our screens…


Who was sniffing paint at IGG? Please tell me! I want to know! Which employee read the background story of Don Guapo and said, “Hey, dude. This ain’t too bad.”.

Summary of Don Guapo’s boring story: Born into royalty. Ran away. Really immature.

Also, they quoted another hero inside the backstory. THEY QUOTED SOMEONE ELSE…

Who is responsible for this madness?

Is IGG running competition with TMZ?!? What is going on?

Don Guapo Specifications

Okay. Aside for my loyal fans – the ones “who want more drama than data” – the rest of you came here for this section. You guys probably just want an answer to the question of what the heck this guy does that is noteworthy…

Here’s the interesting news. A mixture of things… He’s not bad, but I’m still very underwhelmed. I was hoping for more out of this hero…

Battle Skills

Don Guapo Battle Skills
Screenshot of the Max Strength of Don Guapo

Anyone that read my two previous hero articles will know that Don Guapo is the third (and most likely final) hero in the Max Coalition Army Set.

Here’s the list of his battle skills:

  • At full power Don Guapo offers +200,000 extra troops in Wonders. Together with the fully maxed other heroes, you’ll be able to add a massive 600,000 heroes to your attack. That is a big deal.
  • When maxed to gold, you’ll get 300,000 Anima Storage Boost. Yay, I guess. It is kind of lame. Big disappointment…
  • Cavalry ATK boost of 30% is great, but because there is no HP boost I’m really not so excited about this perk.

In short, don’t bother getting the Don Guapo for battle skills unless you want the Max Coalition Army Size boost.

Keep reading to see if he’s any good in the Colosseum.

Colosseum Stats

Don Guapo in Colosseum

I never expected a tank (Strength Hero) to do what Don Guapo does, but here we are, and I’m not complaining.

This hero flies around the Colosseum board like a bunny on speed. He’s not an INT hero – and after shooting his first early shot – will shoot to the back line and begin attacking (for the most part) the healing hero. This is really good news for the serious colosseum players.

Mixing Don Guapo with the Demon Slayer works wonders against your enemies back-line. I tried adding Cursed Hunter as well but it ended up being overkill against the advanced P2P lineups. It will probably be great against weaker teams.

Early shot by Don Guavo
Early shot by Don Guapo. Usually ineffective because of enemy Rose Knight…

Here’s the thing. All the Colosseum heroes need to be upgraded to at least green. Don’t buy Don Guapo unless you plan on upgrading him a little…

An interesting team for the Colosseum. Obviously this team is heavy on P2P…

Overall, I give him a score of 7/10. I was not expecting an STR hero with his credentials to do near as good as he did…

Cost of Don Guapo

Don Guapo Paid Pack

Like the Max Coalition Heroes, Don Guapo has this new paid pack scheme. The first $5 gives you 15 medals, but the $20 pack only gives you 18…

It will cost a lot to max him to gold in one shot, but is quite affordable if you have the patience. IGG will probably also give you the chance to buy a bunch of $5 in quick succession.

  • If you buy $5 packs it will cost you only $110 to bring him to gold
  • If you want to max him in one shot it will cost $1,275
  • But if you decide that it’s a waste of money and you have better things to buy, it will cost you $0. You can spend your money and instead buy the coolest computer chair in the world!

Final Thoughts on Don Guapo

The big spenders are going to buy him even if I say that he is a junkie hero. And the F2P aren’t going to buy him even if I say that he vomits gems…

If there are medium level players who want to improve their battle game or Colosseum (and already own the following heroes Cursed Hunter, Lore Weaver, Witch Doll, Petite Devil, Grove Guardian, and Femme Fatale) they should go for it…

Anyone that is Spanish and is excited to see a Spanish hero is probably going to buy him even though they don’t want to.

And that is all that I have left to say. Get lost until I upload my next article. Or go to my wiki and explore… I don’t care!