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Review of Lords Mobile

Mark’s Angry Review is famous for reviewing, and even though it is obvious that we approve of Lords Mobile, we still want to dedicate a post reviewing the pros and cons. Here goes nothing. Prepare to hear the good, bad, and really ugly of Lords Mobile.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Download Lords Mobile:, aka 王国纪元.

First Impressions

Lords Mobile Heroes in Battle

Upon downloading the game, you are introduced to a movie-like entrance/introduction to the game.

SPOILER ALERT: The game looks nothing like the trailers.

The graphics of Lords Mobile are quite good, perhaps better than most, but nothing like the trailer. The trailer makes you think that a geeky-fantasy-game has finally invested the big bucks. Don’t be fooled. The graphics are lackluster compared to the big shooting games out there.

The good element to the first impression is the way that they get you involved so quickly. Upgrades and progress move really quickly at first. Without even trying, you will feel like a ninja-king with invincible powers.

SPOILER ALERT: Wait until you get zeroed a few times. That feeling will go away rather quickly.

What is Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Fighting Scene

Putting aside the technicalities of the games, Lords Mobile is a playground for bullies. It’s a game where bullies can pick on the weaker kids only to be stopped when even bullies show up to crush them all.

It clothes itself in the trappings of an Age of Empire style setting. You’re required to build, research, join a guild, and develop an army. There are many more components, all of which work in conjunction with each other.

The objective, however, is singular: to become a bully. The most successful bullies, like on the play-field, aren’t the smartest. The greatest bullies in Lords Mobile are the ones who spend the most. More of that below.

Our score for Lords Mobile is 4.5/5.

Pros of Lords Mobile

Death Archer Shooting Arrows War

Lords Mobile is the perfect haven for those seeking the comfort of the soul. Yeh, no. It’s not. It’s really not. It will probably give you many very stressful moments – but…

But it is genuinely enjoyable. The moments before you get zeroed. Those moments as you port around, burning and pillaging. In those moments you can feel real happiness.

And then a 1 Billion Might Player lands right next to you. And well, you spend months recovering.

I digress.

Here are the pros of the game:

  • It’s fun. The gameplay is engaging. You constantly feel like you are growing. The gaming experience is solid.
  • The guilds are great. Because teamwork is crucial in Lords Mobile, the guilds either fall apart quickly or stick firmly together. One of the biggest assets of the game.
  • IGG has kept quite true to the fantasy-world experience they are trying to portray. The consistencies throughout the game are solid. The game-play story is cohesive.
  • You can grow very powerful without spending a dime (see below for more elaboration).
  • The graphics are solid. Not as good as the trailer, but solid nonetheless.
  • The hero battle element of the game is incredible!
  • Lots of users on all levels of might. Easy to be a target. Easy to find targets.
  • Free techniques to generate gems!
  • The background music is incredible. You probably don’t think you care, but you will… Three months into the game, you’ll be glad that the background music isn’t Mario music… The composer (Klaus Badelt) is the same guy that made the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song. Yep, that one!

And most importantly, if you play Lords Mobile you can hang out with me. Well, not exactly hang out… I don’t do hanging out. But you can read my blog and watch your eyes bleed.

Cons of Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile War Hero

It’s always easy to find negative things to say. Read any of the articles on this blog. Lords Mobile is no exception. The problems are easy to find.

  • Money. This is an easy downside of the game. The cost. Although Lords Mobile is free to play (F2P), if you really want to grow powerful quickly (not over years of playing) you need to pay the big buck. There are loads of players in this game that have paid $10,000’s. It’s hard to even try to pick a fight with these guys.
  • Racism and foul language. It kinda comes with the territory with an online game that spreads itself over so many languages. It’s expected, but still annoying. The game may be set in a world that resembles 1000’s of years ago, but we are in actuality in 2018… Some of the players seem that they wish that they were strolling down the street in the heavy armory.
  • It can get dull. Some of the tasks are repetitive and boring. It can be expected of a game this intricate, but that doesn’t un-boring-fy it (real word).
  • Time. Things in this game take. Not days, but weeks…
  • Occasionally players have had negative experiences with glitches and with IGG customer service.

How to Download Lords Mobile

To play Lords Mobile on the Android click here.

To play Lords Mobile on IOS click here.

If you want to play Lords Mobile on your PC, click here for our easy tutorial.

How to Become Powerful in Lords Mobile?

Lords Mobile takes a lot of work. A lot!

It is TOTALLY possible to become very powerful even without becoming a full P2P (Pay to Play) castle, but you will need patience and knowledge.

I can’t teach you patience. Hopefully, your parents already did that for you. If they didn’t teach you patience, then you are probably ridiculously entitled anyways. You may as well bring them to court. That’s what pampered kids do nowadays…

Knowledge, I can give you.

Navigate to my Lords Mobile Blog and give it a whirl. If you are the sensitive type, you will hate it! Consider yourself warned. No need to send me hate-mail (or do if you want). Just navigate to BBC or something and read an article that doesn’t trigger you.