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Review of Snail Princess

Well, IGG have just released another hero and most of you have come here to see if the Snail Princess is a waste of time or the greatest update since Familiars…

Here’s the summary so that you can go back to doing whatever stupid things you were doing before you came here: The Snail Princess is awesome for advanced players and a waste of time for beginners.

Also featuring artistic collaborations from Guide by T. Stay tuned for more artistic collaborations 🙂

About the Snail Princess

Snail Princess Upgrading
In the middle of upgrading the Snail Princess to Rank 7

The Snail Princesses back-story is as uninspiring as all the rest of the IGG hero. She goes around singing for people (tramp much…) and a snail decided to follow her around. Why the snail is enamored by her songs and how the snail sees is something that I’m not sure of.

The one things that is impressive are the graphics. The graphics are a lot better than usual. It’s almost like the Lords Mobile artistic team actually put in some effort…

Snail Princess Battle Skills

This is the section that most people care about. And so I will give you my opinion so that you can store it in that worthless things that you call a brain.

Snail Princess Battle Skills

Artwork designed by Lords Mobile Guides by T.

When maxed to gold, the Snail Princess will give you 20% Familiar Training boost. This boost will sure add up, but it is not a reason to drop $100’s on a hero. If you’re planning on buying her anyways, you may as well enjoy the Familiar boost.

At full-power (gold banner), the Snail Princess will give you a Range ATK of 30%. The Range ATK boost is great, but without the Range HP boost she falls short of a lot of other P2P heroes. If you want to buy a good Range attacking hero I would strongly recommend the Petite Devil, Grove Guardian, Mastercook. Click this guide to learn more about Range P2P heroes.

This is the interesting one! Pay attention to this. When fully maxed, she will provide a 200,000 Troop Army Size Boost when attacking wonders (Bases and Forts). This is a big deal! You can inflict a lot more damage against an enemy guild with this boost. It will also cut down the triple (and quadruple) rallies for the more powerful guilds.

Here’s the real kicker for those paying attention. The Snail Princess doesn’t need to be active to use her boost! You can still get the troops boost even without adding her to the wonder.

Snail Princess Overview
Artwork designed by Lords Mobile Guides by T.

In short, if you are a serious rally leader and you’ve already spent most of you life-savings on this game, I would say that you are crazy not to also purchase the Snail Princess.

If you are a small spender, or you’d rather spend your money on food and shelter I would recommend giving her a skip!

Snail Princess Cost

Buying $20 Pack for Snail Princess

The Snail Princess is actually not so expensive compared to other heroes. If you have the patience to max her out slowly then it will only cost you $110. If you want to max her out in one shot, however, you are looking at $1,275 (a.k.a. a little less than the average monthly rent in the USA).

Please note that the $20 pack only gives you 18 medals…

If you don’t plan to eventually bring her to gold, I wouldn’t recommend even bothering in the first place.

Just one thing that really annoyed me… She doesn’t come with Monster Chests!!! That is just rude! What the heck IGG!

Other Snail Princess Skills

Snail Princess in Colosseum Battle

I’ve only started testing her in the Colosseum. Here are the interesting thing that may make people interested: The Snail Princess seems to attack the Demon Slayer. This is big news for people who struggle to counter that annoying fast-moving monster…

I will have to throw her through a lot more testing (and upgrading as you can see in the picture above) but this is an interesting start.

At full power, she has a really strong MATK (2,656) and an incredible HP for a magical hero (14,924).

Just for comparison. Bombin Goblin is 2,271 and 13,360. Incinerator is 2,536 and 9,414.

Dead Snail Princess

Also, the dead Snail Princess looks rather pitiful…

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