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Saberfang Cheatsheet

The Saberfang is one of the MOST important overall monsters that everyone should hunt if they’re serious about war. Why? Because I said so! And also, because there are so many pieces of Saberfang gear that are critical for warring. Keep reading to learn more.

Attacking the Saberfang

Attacking Saberfang with Heroes

The Saberfang requires magical heroes. Don’t use regular ATK heroes, because it will hardly have an effect. I tried. I was able to single-hit-kill a Saberfang with a Magical lineup but could only get 64% with by strongest non-magical Attack team…

I will make a list so that the stupid readers can understand…

  • Magic Heroes = Good
  • Attack Heroes = Bad

Alright, I hope that you got the message… Though I know some of you are still confused…

Here’s the list of the best heroes to use in order of effectiveness:

  • Incinerator
  • Elementalist
  • Dream Witch (P2P)
  • Storm Fox (P2P)
  • Petite Devil (P2P)
  • Snow Queen
  • Bombin Goblin
  • Sage of Storms
  • Child of Light
  • Prima Donna
  • Lore Weaver (P2P)

Saberfang Lineup

Okay. Here comes the heart of the topic. I know that you obviously came here for a definitive lineup… You’re welcome!

Saberfang Free to Play Lineup

The best free to play lineup will obviously be dependant on how far developed your heroes are. Assuming that all the heroes are maxed, here is the best lineup!

Saberfang F2P monster Hunting Lineup

Level 1 – Level 4: Incinerator, Sage of Storms, Bombin Goblin, Elementalist, and Snow Queen.

Level 5: Incinerator, Sage of Storms, Child of Light, Elementalist, and Prima Donna.

Saberfang Pay to Play Lineup

The Saberfang has a few P2P magical heroes that will give you a lot stronger punch than the F2P heroes. If you have any of the paid heroes, switch them in. It’s worth it!

Saberfang P2P monster Hunting Lineup

Level 1 – Level 5: Incinerator, Petite Devil, Storm Fox, Elementalist, and Dream Witch

Gear from Saberfang

Saberfang Event Equipment Gear

The gear from the Saberfang is top-notch. I’m a big fan. There are a lot of pieces (5) and a lot of them are just fantastic.

The big focus, of course, is on Speed and Cavalry, but there is more.

  • Beast Helm (Helmet) at Mythic is Infantry ATK 42%, Cavalry ATK 35%, and Travel Speed 49%. This is an incredible piece of gear! It’s hard too max but it is worth it!
  • Untamed Boots (Legs) at Mythic is Cav ATK 28% and Travel Speed 42%. Great for speed. It’s not the best for Cav ATK but its the best one for speed…
  • Predator Pauldrons (armor) at Mythic is Cav ATK 14% and Travel Speed 35%. Great for speed
  • Ripper Claw (Main Hand) at Mythic Cav ATK is 28% and Travel Speed is 21%.
  • Ivory Choker (Accessory) at Mythic is Cav ATK is 11.2% and travel speed is 11.2%. Keep in mind that there there are three slots for this gear which will make a 33.6% speed boost. This gear is also very easy to max!

In short, I would recommend maxing all of the Saberfang gear. They are all incredible!

Saberfang Rewards

Saberfang rewards

The rewards for the Saberfang are automatically great because the gear from this monster is awesome! The good news is that some of the Saberfang gear doesn’t even require the rare Blood Sucker material.


Here are the rewards from the Saberfang Monster Hunting:

  • Saber Jewel (Cavalry Max HP and Travel Speed). Nothing special. Same as the other HP and travel speed.
  • Blood Sucker
  • Saber Tooth
  • Prehistoric Hide
  • Savage Claw
  • Shield
  • Gems
  • Speedups
  • Gold
  • Hero Chest

Saberfang Packs

Saberfang Fangs of Terror Paid Pack

There is an official Saberfang pack, but as you know if you’ve my other guides, it sucks. Don’t go near them unless you want to waste your money…

So what should you buy?


Or, Wait for it…

Summer Sunshine Pack

The new monster packs. Summer Sunshine! It’s $9.99 but the good news is that you get a guaranteed purple Blood Sucker with each purchase. That’s fantastic value!

Final Thoughts on the Saberfang

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a big fan of the Saberfang. It may be a hard monster to take down, but he’s worth it. His gear is one of the best in the whole game. And his gear is important for all players no matter what strategy the players use.

If you didn’t understand this article, you are officially stupid. This article was as simple as it gets. Stop being stupid!

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