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Tips to Speed up Research on Lords Mobile

Research is one of the most important elements of Lords Mobile. Without researching technology your castle will be as effective as your local government building.

The obvious problem is that research can take a really long time and this article will hopefully help you solve that problem. There are many ways to solve this problem but we will try and tackle the most effective techniques.

  • Upgrading Academy
  • Guild Helps
  • Speedups and Gems
  • Research Boosting Heroes
  • Forge Research Gear
  • Configure the Correct Talent Tree
  • Research Boost (20%)

Upgrading Academy

Research Academy Building

This tips shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but I guess people are dumb and therefore the obvious needs to be stated. The more advanced your academy, the more bonus boost that the researches receive. If your academy (and castle) is on level 10, you will only get a 5% boost but if your academy is on level 25, you will receive an automatic 30% research boost.

Hopefully, if you’ve reached C25, you will also have other research boosts in place as well. Keep reading to find out what else you will need in order to have the largest advantage when running a research.

Guild Help

Sending guild help for Research

Guild Help is one of the coolest features in Lords Mobile. If you are doing research and you are not in a guild, you’re about as dense as the “Big Guy”. Every time, a guild member hits the “Send Help” button 1% of your current time is deducted. If you have a really small research which is under 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 mins), you will get a 1 min deduction every time a guild member hits the help button.

The catch, of course, is that you are limited to only 30 helps research. This means that you can only take 30% off any research* (or 30 mins if it is a small research).

*Technically speaking, each “guild help” will only give you a 1% deduction of the current amount left. The first help will give you 1% of the full value. The second 1% will be 1% from only 99% of the original. Once you receive all the helps you will only have deducted 26.0299626612% of your total time. If you are doing a large research, 26% percent will be very different from 30%. See the comments for more details.

But don’t despair! This boost is one of the best research advantages that you will receive in Lords Mobile!

Speedups and Gems

Speed ups for Research Event

Once you have gotten all your guild helps, you can finish the rest of the research time off with research speedups and regular speedups. Please don’t do speed ups before you have finished receiving the guild helps.

Each guild help deducts 1% from the current time. The higher the amount of remaining time, the further each guild help goes.

If you don’t understand the logic above, don’t worry and just trust me. You don’t want to waste your speedups until you have gotten all 30 guild helps.

Another technique to speed up your research is using gems. Please waste your gems carefully. To be fair, research speedups aren’t the worst way to spend your gems. Trust me, there are worse ways. You can, however, do better with your gems. Read here to learn how to generate gems.

Research Heroes

Research hero boosts chart

There are 3 heroes who can greatly help you boost your research: Trickster, Witch Doll, and Choas Dragon.

  • Trickster is a free to play hero. He is also a fantastic asset in the Colosseum. When maxed to gold, Trickster will automatically give you a 25% boost on researches in Academy.
  • Witch Doll is a paid hero. She is also fantastic in the Colosseum, but she will need to be up to blue to really carry a solid punch. When maxed to gold, Witch Doll with also give you a 25% research boost. Witch Doll costs $775 to max to gold.
  • Chaos Dragon is earnt through Hell Events and 24hr Challenges. When he is maxed to gold, he also gives a 25% research boost.

Please note: Unlike your research gear, you do not have to activate your research hero before starting a research!

Forge Research Gear

Research Equipment Setup

We have an entire article dedicated to gear. Obviously, one of the subheadings is focused on how to forge research gear. Click here to read the article.

The short version is that there is an entire set of gear in the workshop that when maxed will boost your research by 128.5%. That is a massive boost. Forge the research gear and bring them to gold as soon as possible.

Important Note: It is critical that you wear the gear before you start the research. The research gear boost will not trigger unless the gear is active! Once you have begun the research, you can switch into another gear without worrying about losing the boost. It only activates the boost when you start the research!

Talent Tree for Research

Research Talent Tree

The Talent Tree is located by clicking the “shield” on the same profile section where your gear is located. There are two panels on the production side (right side) of the talent tree that will help you with research. When all 30 talents are maxed you will receive a whopping 105% boost for research. That is not an amount to be lost. Make sure that your talent sections are correct before you begin your researches.

Research Turf Boosts

Research boosts turf

The Research Turf Boosts work in the same way as the commonplace Resource Boosts but they are just a lot harder to get hold of. The best and easiest way to get a research boost is to buy the Research Packs and you should sometimes see Research Boosts as part of the package.

The Research Boosts come in 10% boosts and 20% boosts and usually only last 1 hour. All researches that were started within the hour of the research boost will have 20% deducted even if the research continues for weeks after the boost expires.

The overlord of the kingdom can also activate a research boost. Pay attention and take advantage!