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Will there be T5 Troops in Lords Mobile?

Everyone in Lords Mobile is either fantasizing about having T4 troops, reaching for T4 troops, or celebrating their newly formed T4 troops. The question that all these people should be thinking about is – will there be T5 soldiers?

What will the T5 Specifications be?

Assuming that Lords Mobile does make a set of T5 troops, there are several patterns that will probably continue. These boosted soldiers will probably be in addition (and after researching) all the additional research boosts on the tree that will be required to max before reaching T5. Please keep that in mind. However long it took to reach T4, it will take at least triple that to reach T5. Think of the party that you’ll throw in your old age home…

Also, the research that leads to T4 gives more power to the troops than actual T4’s. Most people don’t know that (or don’t agree). Feel free to argue or agree in the comments below.

My (knowledgeable) opinion is that T5 will either be 100% stronger than T4 or 50% stronger. My hunch/guess is that the T5 troops will be only 50% stronger. In regards to payment, my guess will be that a single T5 solider will cost the same as a 30-ft yacht.

At the moment, this is the balance of might:

  • The might of 10 T4 Troops =  15 T3 Troops
  • The might of 10 T3 Troop = 15 T2 Troops
  • The might of 10 T2 Troop = 20 T1 Troops

The future T5 troops will either be:

  • Option 1: The might of 10 T5 troops = 12 or 13 Troops
  • Option 2: The might of 10 T5 Troops = 15 T4 Troops
  • Option 3: The might of 10 T5 Troops = 20 T5 Troops

My gut says that Lords Mobile won’t pick option 1 because it won’t be enough to get players invested in getting them. Option 3 will make it impossible for Free to Play players (as if they will be happy anyways) and they can risk sparking a walk-away. I think that T5 will most likely be option 5.

Why T5 is a Really Bad Idea?

T5 Troops in Battle

This article is my own opinion. Obviously. And being that I take my opinion very seriously, I suggest that you do the same. Why? Because.

And with that introduction, keep reading.

As of the writing of this article (July 7, 2018), the most powerful player in Lords Mobile (Bren Chong) has 11,100,000,000 billion might. Yes, that is billion with a B.

There are too many P2P players out there that are so much more powerful than the rest of the F2P players. If we gave the P2P Players T5 troops they would wreak immeasurable damage on the ecosystem. There would be a massive walk-out of smaller players.

At the moment smaller players can collect their T3 troops and rally-attack with some success against a T4 army. If the large players had T5, they would be invincible…

Why T5 is a good idea?

Troop Screaming

T5 troops is not a good idea. Period.

Lords Mobile, on the other hand, may do it anyways. Why you ask? Money! Money! Money!

My estimate is that your average T4 player has spent at least $800 (or most likely at least $3,000) on Lords Mobile. I’m sure there are a few F2P players with T4 troops, but they are the overwhelming exception. Most T4 Players have paid a lot of money!

To reach T5 troops, based on the trajectory of T4 troops, I would guess that players would have to spend at least $4,000 to hit T5 milestone.

To be fair I did compile a short list of good reasons to introduce T5 Troops. The list hasn’t changed my mind, but they do give you something to consider:

  • With T5 troops the larger players will be able to take each other down easier. If Bren Chong has T5, he will go on a killing spree taking out all those 1 billion might players who are terrorizing your kingdom.
  • There always needs to be a balance between troops size and infirmaries. More powerful troops will enable players to get rid of their excessive number of T4 troops.
  • T5 troops will create so much drama. Think of all the tantrums that will be thrown as soon as people hear. I personally, will take out my popcorn and enjoy the spectacle.
  • If Lords Mobile make a lot of money, they will do more advertising (to bring more players to their game), and these beginner players will be easy burning material for my troops.
  • Because. Just because.

Final Thoughts

Until the Lords Mobile staff start paying more attention to my website*, I probably won’t have a say. That being said, I think that greed will take over, and T5 will arrive. It’s just a matter of time.

In the meantime, keep burning. You might not have much time left.

T5’s will be marching against you soon.

*They should be. Their fans are…