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Terrorthorn Cheatsheet

The Terrorthorn is a complicated hero. It has a research and a construction boost will be important to beginner players, and also has a solid Infantry ATK boost as well.

Most people will NOT FOCUS on the Terrorthorn, but passively attack it as it appears. Terrorthorn is a hard hero. Unless they need it, they don’t want to waste extra energy on it…

Attacking the Terrorthorn

Terrorthorn Monster Hunting Screen

When attacking the Terrorthorn, you should be aware that he’s a moderately easy target… USE ATK HEROES and NOT MAGIC HEROES. That obviously will be the key to not completely being a stupid toad!

And so here are the best heroes to use, in order of preference:

  • Demon Slayer
  • Shade
  • Tracker
  • Black Crow
  • Scarlet Bolt
  • Death Archer
  • Trickster
  • Cursed Hunter

Obviously, if you haven’t maxed all the heroes, you will need to adjust your lineup so that you are hitting the monsters with maximum force! Just don’t send MATK heroes!

Terrorthorn Lineup

I have two lists. Free to Play (F2P) and Pay to Play (P2P). If you pay you’ll get an obvious advantage!

Free to Play Terrorthorn

Here’s the free to play lineup. This is my personal favorite although you can switch out Shade for Trickster and still get a solid lineup.

Level 1-5 F2P Terrorthorn: Tracker, Shade, Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, and Black Crow.

Pay to Play Terrorthorn Lineup

Here’s the list for the people who have paid heroes. The truth is that there is only one real difference. Switching out the tracker for the Femme Fatale.

Terrorthorn Lineup For P2P Heroes

Level 1-5 P2P Terrorthorn: Femme Fatale, Shade, Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, and Black Crow.

Gear from Terrorthorn

Terrorthorn Gear

As mentioned before, the Terrorthorn is not the hero for everyone. Most players (advanced range and cavalry) players will just get some of the Terror Shield and then forget about this monster in an active way. The research boost is so minimal it’s not really worthwhile to focus on it!

Infantry players, however, will want to focus a lot more on this monster. If the player is an advanced P2P player there will be a few pieces that they will want to get. If the player is a Free-To-Play player, you might only want to focus on one gear at a time. Click here for the gear guide for Infantry players.

  • Terror Shield. This is the best gear for Infantry, but it’s bloody hard. Don’t expect to just finish it overnight! You will need 9 Terrorthorn Seeds in order to upgrade each gear. At Mythic you will get an Infantry boost of 49%, INF HP Boost of 35%, army HP of 21, and Research of 11.2%. The research shield is also the strongest one!
  • Terror Lash. Really solid and thankfully much easier than the shield. You will only need 2 Terrorthorn seeds for each upgrade. Inf ATK is 38.5% and Construction is 14%.
  • Terror Vial. Great starter Infantry gear if you can’t afford to drop $1,000’s to upgrade the 3 Ambrosial Cups. Only needs 1 seed per upgrade.
  • Terror Blade. Bleh. This one is a waste! It doesn’t need any seeds but it doesn’t have much power…

Terrorthorn Rewards

Terrorthorn Rewards

The Terrorthorn has the Terrorthorn gear rewards. Yes, there is actually 6 of them. It also has other prizes as well!

Hunting him is moderate. Not hard. Not easy.

The Terrorthorn rewards are:

  • Terror Jewel (INF ATK and INF DEF)… Great as a secondary jewel, but really hard to get!
  • Terrorthorn Seed
  • Terror Pollen
  • Honey Jar
  • Terror Teeth
  • Terrorvine
  • Shield (Level 5 is 3-day shield)
  • Gems (Level 5 is 1000 gems)
  • Speed-ups (Level 5 is 24-hours)
  • Gold (Level 5 is 600,000)
  • Hero Chest (Level 5 is Legendary Hero Chest)

Terrorthorn Packs

The Terrorthorn paid packs is the easiest way to speed up the process of building Terrorthorn Gear. Of course, you’ll need to swipe the credit card a lot of times. So there is that!

But what’s more important: Lords Mobile or food? Obviously, Lords Mobile!

Picture coming soon
When the Terrorthorn rotates again, I’ll get the picture…

The Terrorthorn Pack is not the best way to get the seeds. The best way is by getting the $20 Material Madness Pack! The odds aren’t good, but the value is a lot better when it comes to the Terrorthorn packs

Sad but true!

Material Madness Paid Pack

Final Thoughts on the Terrorthorn

The Terrorthorn is one of the toughest heroes to get the rare material on, and it’s for that reason that I’m a big advocate of focusing on only one of the gears at a time.

Attacking the Terrorthorn is not too hard and so that is a bonus.

That’s it.

Here’s an article on the gadgets you’ll need while playing Lords Mobile.

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