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What is HephBot?

I know that my job is usually to just destroy everything and make a mockery of it. That is what I do (and I’m really good at it).

Well, I’m not going to do it this time. HephBot deserves better. HephBot – unlike my readers – isn’t actually terrible.

Keep reading to find out what Hephbot actually is!

What is HephBot?

HephBot Header

Understanding what HephBot is may be the most confusing thing about HephBot. Most people playing the game have heard about it, but have no idea what it is. (Read my conspiracy theory at the end.) And because they fail to understand it, they don’t bother utilizing it!

Simply put, HephBot is a simple program that can be activated within the Line App. Line App is like Whatsapp (but is highly popular among gamers). If you activate HephBot into any chat or group, you’ll be able to “trigger” HephBot and ask him to supply you with information.

It’s kind of awesome. Loads of graphics and material on the go. Everything is at your fingertips!

HephBot – is without a doubt – the best resource in Lords Mobile after Marks Angry Review (obviously)!

My Interview with HephBot

Spoiler Alert: This is not me. I don’t wear ripped jeans. I have a measure of self respect! And I DON’T USE YAHOO! Gosh!

Obviously, I reached out to HephBot to talk with Heph. I wanted to see what his story is and what are his future plans.

Here’s the interview:

Q: How did you get involved in Lords Mobile?

1,063 days ago I was staying with my cousin for a little. I was bored and laying on my air mattress on the carpet while scrolling through Google Play Games. I found Lords Mobile, and shortly afterwards, fell in love. Lords Mobile gave free to play players more of a true chance than any other castle-building game I’ve ever played before.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Lords Mobile?

I enjoy the way, although mostly diminished now, that IGG allowed free to play players to have a chance. I didn’t have much money at the time, and still don’t, but Lords Mobile still kept it fun and possible.

Q: Any big plans for HephBot coming up in the future?

Slowly but surely, we are developing a website for HephBot Innovations. We will try to run events for followers and give away prizes (such as free HephBot commands). I believe it was brought up just this morning about a possible Easter Egg Hunt / Riddle involving a few fun challenges for followers to complete to unlock hints to the answer. When the first few people discover the answer to the riddle and challenges, they will receive free giveaways and rewards.

How to Setup HephBot

Lords Mobile and Anker Charging Battery Pack

The first step is to get a smartphone, among other things! Yes, it needs to be said. Some of the things that you guys are using are closer to bricks than phones. Just saying.

  1. Download Line onto your phone
  2. Click the “Search” icon in the add friends section
  3. Search for @mks7977e (hephbot)
  4. Invite HephBot as a friend
  5. Chat commands to HephBot and receive automatic answers straight away!

To add HephBot to a group just invite @mk7977e and that’s it! 

Please note: You can only have one official bot per group. If you have any a translator bots (which is common in Lords Mobile Guilds) it won’t work. Do the research before you invite HephBot.

Expert Tip: You can install Line as a Chrome Extension.

HephBot Commands

There are so many commands to use in HephBot. Here’s their main-menu introduction. This introduction, in turn, leads to so many options.

HephBot Main Menu Screen

I strongly recommend downloading Line App just for this app.

Here are some of my favorite commands:

  • “HG4” (Hero Rotation. This used to be my favorite feature. HephBot discontinued it because IGG has gone completely crazy with their rotation…)
  • “Jewels” (gives you a full rundown on all the jewels and what they do at each level).
  • “Hyper Calc” (This Calculator shows you how much of any resource your account will produce if you were to upgrade any of the things that affect resource production)
  • Blog” (provides a link to Yeh. That would be a good idea, but still a joke. I should speak to him though…

Final Thoughts

Let’s see what happens with HephBot as it continues to grow. So far so good.

Maybe HephBot will work out a way to help you automatically kill all your enemies and enable you to occupy the fort with no resistance. You never know. Anything is possible!

Maybe the robot will become sentient and then kill us all…

It could be that it was HephBot who actually created Heph!

If I’m not thinking about these types of things, who will?

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