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Noceros Cheatsheet

The Noceros is an important monster to hunt within Lords Mobile. Not because you want to kill it for being unbelievably weird, but rather because you need to build construction, resource gathering, and research. That’s why!

Also, Noceros is super weird. It deserves to die! KILL IT!

Attacking the Noceros

Monster Hunting the Noceros

As mentioned before, the Noceros seems very punchable. I’m not sure why. I’m not usually very violent. But I really want to punch him! Do you know what I mean or is it just me?

I really think everyone should punch a Noceros. At least once! Just get a taste and then see if you still want to keep going…

In other news, the Noceros will need a MAGICAL ATK. Do not – and I repeat for my deaf readers – do not send regular ATK heroes. Send magical heroes!

Noceros Lineup

The Noceros lineup will fluctuate based on the level that your attacking.

Here are the FTP heroes from best to worst. Obviously, if a worse hero has been upgraded higher, you will want to use it instead.

  • Incinerator
  • Elementalist
  • Snow Queen
  • Bombin Goblin
  • Sage of Storms
  • Child of Light
  • Prima Donna
  • Sea Squire

Free To Play Noceros Lineups

The lineup for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3: Incinerator, Sage of Storms, Bombin Goblin, Elementalist, and Snow Queen

Noceros Lineup Level 1 2 3

The lineup for Level 4 and Level 5: Incinerator, Sage of Storms, Bombin Goblin, Elementalist, and Prima Donna

Noceros Lineup Level 4 5

Pay to Play Noceros Lineups

The pay to play lineup is a lot more complicated. The Incinerator and Elementalist are definitely good enough to join even though they are free to play heroes. The rest are paid!

I personally think that the same P2P lineup should be used the whole way through…

The lineup for Level 1 – Level 5: Incinerator, Petite Devil, Witch Doll, Elementalist, and Dream Witch

Noceros P2P Lineup

Gear from Noceros

Noceros Gear Event Equiptment

The Noceros has one of the most important development gear! It’s not even up for debate…

At full power (Mythic Gear) you’ll get a Construction Speed Boost of 42%, Travel Speed of 42%, Research Speed of 14%, and Resource Gathering boost of 91%.

There are 3 Noceros Gear pieces of equipment:

  • Electric Lance (Main-hand)
  • Lighting Guard (Armor)
  • Noceros Mask (helmet)

Noceros Rewards

Level 5 Noceros Rewards

In addition to the aforementioned gear that you can collect from Monster Hunting the Noceros, there are also a few other prizes.

No cares about the small stuff and so here are JUST the highlights.

  • Shields (on the Level 5 you can get 3-day shield)
  • Gems
  • Speedups
  • Gold
  • And the Noceros Jewel which adds army capacity and Food Capacity Rate (Yuk!)

There are a lot more monsters with a lot better bonus prizes, but honestly, you shouldn’t be hunting this monster for the bonus stuff. The Noceros gear is the big attraction of the Noceros Monster Hunt…

Noceros Packs

Noceros Paid Packs Ride the Noceros

The Noceros Packs are quite stingy, but I guess you should expect a higher cost for a very important monster… Whatever. IGG is going to be greedy. There’s nothing to be done about that!

The important details of the paid back are 10 Lightening Vails and the 60 Noceros Chests. As I said: STINGY!

Should you buy them?

No, you shouldn’t. Pay for your dinner instead… But if you are planning to waste that money on other stupid things, then sure why not? I guess?

Do whatever you want. Honestly, I’m not your parent!

Final Thoughts on the Noceros

The Noceros won’t directly help you with war, and because of that, some of the morons reading this will have completely ignored the Noceros the whole time.

Of course, they are idiots. Gathering speed, construction, and research will make your account more powerful, which will, in turn, make your castle more war-worthy.

In short, hunt the Noceros! It’s a really important hero! It may be harder to kill than the other monsters but make sure that you monster hunt the heck out of it!

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