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Top 20 Tips for Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is already one of the most popular mobile games in history. It’s an incredible game and it’s only getting better. Here’s my review of COD: Mobile. Keep in mind that COD Mobile broke a world record for downloads in a single week!

The thing is that although the game is fantastic, the people playing it are hardly comparable. Most players are garbage. Drunken bots can fight with more conviction.

Here’s are the top tips and tricks for players who want to dominate Call of Duty: Mobile.

  1. Learn the Maps
  2. Watch the Pros
  3. Strafing
  4. Ranking Up Quickly
  5. Use Headphones/Earphones
  6. Use the Correct Weapon
  7. Pop Socket
  8. Start off Strong
  9. Get a Good Connection
  10. Sprinting and Sliding
  11. Customize the Controls
  12. Set the Graphics to Your Phone Capabilities
  13. Hide by Lying on Floor
  14. Use Correct Skill Streaks
  15. Get FREE COD Credit Points
  16. Play with Friends
  17. Use Correct Attachments
  18. Don’t Cheat
  19. Team Deathmatch: Don’t Go for Kills
  20. Search and Destroy: Change Routes

Learn the Maps

This tip shouldn’t need to have to be said. It should be completely self-understood, but of course, half of you are stupid and the majority of the rest of you are even dumber. So here we go. I’m wasting my first tip on this.

Spend time, going around the map and exploring. Yes, it’s a waste of time, and yes, you will want to just fight instead. But, if you know the map well, you will SO MUCH better at the game. It’s that simple.

Learn and memorize the good locations and strategize for the future. If can recognize your locations straight away, you will know where to go to protect yourself quickly, and you will know where to go to attack quickly.

In short, just pay attention to map and learn it well!

Watch the Pros

Many of you are already doing this tip, but for those of you that aren’t, this is a great tip! Find the good players who stream or record themselves and watch them play.

You will learn so much just by seeing the techniques that they use.

You may have to be careful with this technique. Some of the famous players are more famous for their personalities than for their skills. They couldn’t shoot an enemy combatant even if he was blocking the scope.

The pro players that talk in the background are even better than the silent videos. Their voice may be squeaky and annoying but they usually throw great tidbits into their chatter.

Here’s a list of some of the YouTube Channels to Subscribe to:


This is a critical technique if you want to be a pro in COD Mobile.

You can watch the pros do it. Watch them, practice and get good at it. This will save you all the time.

What is Strafing?

Strafing is moving from side to side in order to make it harder for your enemy to shoot you, but all the while keeping your aim focused on your enemy.

This obviously requires you to keep a balanced equilibrium between the two joysticks. If you move to the left, you will need to focus your head/gun on the right. And vise versa.

Watch some videos, practice a ton, because if you can own this technique you will be 246% harder to kill. I made up that statistic based on no research, but I feel that you probably trust me more now, because I provided you with solid statistical numbers.

Here’s the Wikipedia article on strafing. It will help you understand the math and technique.

Also, don’t do bunny hopping, COD Mobile is not Counter-Strike!

Ranking Up Quickly

Ranking up XP Quickly

Ranking Up Quickly is Important. Why? Fine, I’ll tell you. Here’s a bunch of reasons:

  • Better Equipment
  • You can connect more attachments
  • You can show off your score
  • Because I said so, that’s why!!!

The fastest way to rank up quickly is by playing a lot of Domination and a lot of Serarch and Destroy. Those game modes offer a lot more XP and therefore faster climb upwards.

Don’t UNDERESTIMATE the XP. Play the two aforementioned modes and get yourself ranked up like a pro!

Use Headphones/Earphones

This technique is not just so that you don’t annoy your sister. Use earphones so that you can hear the game quicker and more accurately.

Even with the best phone, the nuances of the sound will be distorted by the time it reaches your ears. Additionally, the precious 1/1200 second for the sound to travel 1 foot will give less time to react.

You’re probably thinking that I’m being dramatic with this advice, but I’m not. Earphones really make a difference. The sound is nearer to your ear and you can react to a gunshot much quicker.

Additionally, if someone is creeping up behind you, there is no way that you can hear it without earphones.

To summarize: BUY Earphones. Good Earphones. Click here for a list of great gadgets to buy for mobile gaming.

Use the Correct Weapon

Weapons in COD Mobile

You wouldn’t show up to a 80th birthday party with a bag of baby pacifiers, don’t show up at a map without the incorrect weapons.

A big map (like Crossfire) most successful with a sniper gun or a gun with less recoil. A smaller map (like Killhouse or Nuketown) will be more successful with an assault rifle.

We will add a chart, later on, detailing each map with the best gun to use.

Use the Correct Perks

This is important and is the type of stupidity that you see all the beginner-players doing. Make sure that you use the CORRECT PERKS with the appropriate game-mode.

For example, with Domination, since you’re likely to be spending most of your time fighting of B, you will want to use Flak Jacket and Toughness. Flak Jacket will reduce damage from explosions which will help from all the grenades usually launched in Domination. Toughness will reduce player flinch when shot at. Spoiler Alert, there is a lot of bullets flying around in Domination.

If you use Ghost, you’re a moron. I won’t even bother explaining why! Seriously, get a job! This game isn’t for you!

Pop Socket

This is an incredible technique that no one talks about. Buy a freakin pop-socket for your phone. Pop sockets are those things that you connect to the back of your phone so that you can hold it with more support. They cost a few dollars and they can change your gameplay by 1058%. That is a real statistic based on absolutely no evidence. You’re welcome.

Just buy the stupid pop-socket and prepare yourself to be a little less horrible at a game that you claim you love…

You can even buy one that has Call of Duty imagery.

Start off Strong

This is a great way to get quick and easy kills right at the beginning. This won’t work on all maps, but most of the time this will be incredibly effective.

Start off running towards the most natural destination of where the enemy would be coming from, and then BE READY. Use a gun that has lots of ammo and have your scope to shoot.

If you get good at this, you can collect 3-4 quick kills without even trying hard. Most people start off running like preschools towards candy.

Get a Good Connection

Internet Connection for Gaming

Unless you enjoy rubberbanding and freezing, make sure that you get a good connection. Yes, that may mean that you will no longer be able to steal wifi from neighbors living three blocks away.

Here’s an example of what rubberbanding looks like in Call of Duty: Mobile. You don’t want this! Make sure that your connection is good!

You may have to – wait for it – pay for a real plan with an internet connection.

Rant over.

Sprinting and Sliding

This isn’t the greatest tip in the world but it worthwhile to mention. While sprinting you can press the “crouching button” and that will enable you to slide with running.

This is a great technique to use and can gain you a lot of protection + kills.

Customize the Controls

This is a really important tip. Everyone’s hands are different and everyone has different overall preferences.

Don’t use the default setting!!!

Here are the things that I recommend customizing:

  • Button Placement
  • Sensitivity
  • Fast Throw a Granade
  • Aim Assist

Here’s a helpful hint to work out how to personalize your controls. Think about where the buttons were on the previous game that you played. Your mind and fingers will be used to those settings. Try to mimic the previous settings!

Set the Graphics to Your Phone Capabilities

Here’s a great moment to have a truthful moment about the real capabilities of your phone.

If your phone is incredible (think the latest Samsung Galaxy or the latest iPhone), you will want to put the graphics on the highest setting.

If your phone is dreadful, like the Nokia 5110, you will probably want to put the graphics setting lower.

You can really ruin your gaming experience if you don’t accurately place the graphics settings.

Don’t be the person who thinks he’s fooling anyone by putting on the wrong graphics. The jokes on you when you get shot up like fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Hide by Lying on Floor

This is a great tip that lots of people know, but many still need to learn.

YOU CAN LIE ON THE FLOOR. Yes, fully on the floor. It helps make you near impossible to be found, especially if you’re in a good hiding spot. This is useful.

This is good to know.

Hold on the crouch button for a few seconds and you will drop completely to the ground.

Use Correct Skill Streaks

Make sure that you get the correct skill streaks for your playing style.

If you are the type of player to tent (stay in the same area) then you will want to use Counter-UAV or Sentry Gun. If you are the player who goes running into the action then you will want to use UAV or preditor missile.

The point is, learn how you play and get the correct skill streaks.

If you are a sucky player, don’t go for the VTOL. It’s a waste of your time.

If you want to be a complete moron, try going for the nuke. But, because you can’t even tie your shoes without help, the percentage chance of you actually getting it is smaller than your IQ.

Get FREE COD Credit Points

COD points let you get really cool stuff for Call of Duty. They’re not a necessity but they are really great and will make you seem like a more formidable player.

Here are some ways to get COD points:

  • Use all your life-saving on buying in-app purchases. Who cares about rent anyways?
  • Watch advertisements. Boring, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers!
  • Finish the Weekly Challenges

Play with Friends

This is a basic tip, but highly effective. Play with friends and conspire with them. You can talk as well.

Great tip, and obviously makes the whole gaming experience a lot more fun.

Use Correct Attachments

This tip needs a lot more explanation than what I’m in the mood of giving. It’s an advanced tip but very important to lifting your overall effectiveness.

Make sure that you use attachments that compliment the weaknesses of the gun that you are using.

For example, if you’re using the MSMC – which only has 30 range – you will want to attach a Long Barrel – SMG in order improve range.

Don’t Cheat

Yes, there are a million articles and videos about how to cheat in COD Mobile. The problem, of course, is, COD actually police their game. This means that if your busted using controllers, fake purchases and other dodgy stuff, you will be kicked out!

Unless you like making videos like this, please don’t cheat…

Team Deathmatch: Don’t Go for Kills

In Team Deathmatch, it’s tempting to run around killing, but that is stupid. Focus on the objective and kill as you go along.

Obviously, don’t be an idiot. If you see a kill, take it.

My point is, don’t go chasing kills. Focus on the objective and don’t get overly sidetracked with other stuff!

Search and Destroy: Change Routes

Search and Destroy mode is a lot of fun if you use your brains. There are a many tips for owning this game-mode. Stay tuned we will add them to this article.

The most important tip is to change routes. Don’t reuse the same route more than twice. This will keep the enemy on their toes. Otherwise, they will know where you are and cut you to ribbons.

Obviously, Search and Destroy will only be successful if you use solid communication.