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How to be A Titan in Lords Mobile?

So you want to be a Titan in Lords Mobile? It is known – by those that know things – that Titans have much more masculinity than regular people… Becoming a Titan will improve you in every way. It’s the sole pathway to success, popularity, love, peace, happiness, and immortality. If you’re a loser in real life, I strongly recommend fixing it by becoming a titan in Lords Mobile.

If you’re a Titaness (my word for a female titan), you are finally helping bring down the glass ceiling. Yay for you! Women are finally getting equal opportunity. On behalf of humanity, I would like to thank you for your courage!

Ok, here’s what you need to know about becoming a Lords Mobile Titan!

What is a Titan?

A Titan is the unofficial in-game name for the top players in Lords Mobile.

I asked around for people’s criteria for “what is a Titan?”

I got a lot of different answers, most of which sent me in different directions. There were so many answers and none were technically incorrect. Titan is not an official title. Anyone can make up anything…

I thought about it a little myself. I do some thinking every once in a while. I found the answer deep within my oversized brain…

A titan needs to have at least three of the following criteria to be a titan:

  • 1 Billion Might
  • Full Mythic Army Gear
  • Maxed Champion Gear
  • At least 1 maxed $11K Hero
  • Accessory Sigils

Thanks to all those who answered the email about the questionnaire for this article! There were too many to list, but all the advice was appreciated!

How to Become a Titan?

This article is probably going to upset A LOT of my fans! Most of you guys know some of what I’m about to reveal, but very few of you will realize to what extent it goes.

Titans are all $$$. There is NOT A SINGLE titan in Lords Mobile who has gotten where he because of hard work or skill! NOT ONE! Every single one the Titans are where they are because they dropped a bomb-load of cash on IGG.

“But one guy in my guild is a titan and he’s F2P?” I can hear you squawk.

Shut up! He’s lying!

As you will see below, the criteria’s of a titan are impossible without a bunch of stuff that is only available to players with massive pockets.

If you want to become a Titan, just hand IGG your credit card and make a commitment to spend the rest of your life sleeping in a bus shelter.

1 Billion Might

Top ranking players in the world
The top players right now in Lords Mobile! They have a little over 1-billion…

This is the most popular definition of a titan. I personally hate it. I think that the might score is bloody misleading and easily faked.

But no one asked my opinion. OH WAIT. Yes, they did. Everyone asks my opinion! Too much, actually! I get loads of emails every day… Spoiler alert, I don’t get the chance to answer 10% of them… I actually have a day job!

But regardless, people will still call 1-billion might player by the name “titan” and so I’ve added it to the list of requirements.

Let’s just get one thing clear. If someone has a 1 billion might score, but also has bad heroes, horrible gear, and no research, he’s not a titan. He’s just bad at this game… He should play Farmville or tic tac toe. He deserves to be zeroed for offending us all.

Just for a little perspective, 1 Billion Might player will have a lot of troops. Even if I may not officially call him a titan, be scared of him. He can still wreck your castle so bad it will crack a hole in your glasses.

Interesting Trivia: There are 100 players in Lords Mobile who have a score over 2.5-Billion!

Champion Gear

An example of a Titan Champion Gear. As of the end of 2019, he is the 2nd highest player in Lords Mobile.

Here’s the thing, Champion Gear is ONLY for serious P2P players. If you plan on just bringing the gear to blue, you a “Grade A Nimord”! You just are!

And please stop being a Nimrod! It’s not funny.

Champion Gear is only worthwhile if you max it!

  • Rising Champion $19.99 for 100 Champion Chests and 10 Crimson Manes.
  • Be a Champion $99 for 180 Champion Chests and 20 Crimson Manes.

The Rising Champion has much better value, but it is still very very expensive! If you want to move onto Champion gear quickly, you may have no choice but to also buy the $99 packs.

And that’s how they get you!

Simply put, if you have a full set of maxed Champion Gear, you probably have spent upwards of $40,000. Yes, $40K on gear or, most likely, a lot more.

And having a full set will definitely be one of the qualifications that will make you a titan!

11K Heroes

Shape Shifter 11K Hero Specs

Okay. Here we go for the biggest qualification for a Titan… The $11k Hero! Yes, each of these heroes cost $11,000. And so, if you have 3 of them, you have spent $33,000.

For some relativity, you can use that money to buy a freakin prefab house, a 3.50-carat diamond ring, or a baseball signed by Babe Ruth.

There are 3 $11k heroes. None are better than the other. They are equally awesome. The only difference it the armies that they boost.

  • Dark Magister – Cavalry ATK 60%, Range ATK 60%, and Army HP 30%
  • Lightweaver – Infanty ATK 60%, Range ATK 60%, and Army HP 30%
  • Shape Shifter – Infanty ATK 60%, Cavalry ATK 60%, and Army HP 30%

Mythic Gear

Here’s an example of great gear that is almost Mythic (aside for one cup)

I have a whole article dedicated to mythic gear. I’ve added it to this list of Titan requirements because I personally believe that you can still be a titan without champion gear…

So long as your army gear is Mythic. If you have gold gear, you’re very strong and good for you, but you are not a Titan. Titans have champion gear or Mythic gear.

If you have garbage gear that is maxed to mythic than you are special titan. A real special titan. A titan of morons!

Btw, don’t think that getting regular gear to Mythic is free. It’s almost impossible unless you drop some good money down on it!

Accessory Sigils

Sigils for Mythic Gear Titan

Sigils are one of the updates that everyone raged about for a few weeks, but then stopped caring about. Thousands threatened to leave the game, but only a few actually left. The rest just pretended that the update never happened.

The real stats of the sigils are so far out of the league of 99% of the players that it basically became a moot-point.

In order to be a titan, you need to have accessory sigils. The last update on the sigils research tree is the accessory sigils, and so that basically means that you have everything else unlocked…

It’s bloody hard. And very expensive!

Getting accessory sigils for your mythic or champion gear, is, well, almost the price of a bank heist…

Here’s an example of a sigil on the accessories…

Sigil Lords Mobile of Titan

Titan Kills

Here’s the thing. I don’t think that it makes any difference how many kills a titan has. Frankly, if he has 0 kills he is still a titan if he has the other requirements.

Requiring a Titan to have at least 500m kills is silly because a titan is not a sum of his history. He is a sum of current power. If he hasn’t gotten a single kill, but he can successfully solo a fort rally with 375,000 troops, I would be terrified of him.

And so it has been decided by the most authoritative voice in Lords Mobile (that’s me btw) that the Kill Score of a Titan has no bearing on his tital as a titan.

How to Take Down a Titan?

taking down a titan
An example of taking down a titan…

It’s possible, but don’t try it unless you know what you’re doing.

Here’s why!

To become a Titan, you need to invest a good $50,000 into the game. That is how much money a titan spends when he just has his ego to stroke.

Now imagine how much money he will spend if he is angry and he has a fractured ego to stroke…

An angry titan will burn the whole freaking kingdom down if he has to make a point. Spending $100k may be a joke to him.

But to answer the question, if you want to take down a titan you will really need another titan. Or a lot of leaderless rallies and a lot of troops to spare…