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The Only Paid Packs You Should Ever Buy in Lords Mobile

Not everything in life comes with hard work. Sometimes you just need to cheat. And with the packs in the Lords Mobile Store, you can buy your way to success for the cheap price of real money! Yes, real money. Rent or mortgage money… The type that can buy favors or elections!

You can become a P2P (Pay to play) player and start crushing all those turtle-moving F2P (free to play) players.

Now it’s time to work out which packages in the store are a waste of money and which ones a great deal (or most correctly, less of a waste of money). This guide doesn’t include the paid heroes. Click here to work out which heroes to buy.

In this article, we will deal with all the other Lords Mobile Store purchases aside for heroes.

Best and Worst Packs

Here is a list of the best overall packs in Lords Mobile. Feel free to argue in the comments below. Just know that you will be wrong!

Best Packs in Lords Mobile

  1. Login Gifts
  2. Royal Trade Fair
  3. Summer Sunshine
  4. A Night of Mystery
  5. Monster Slayer

Worst Packs in Lords Mobile

  1. Turf Bundles
  2. Familiar Awakening Pack
  3. All Castle Remodelling Packs
  4. Anything that just has chests and no guaranteed value…
  5. The Gems without prizes

Daily Recurring Packs

The daily recurring packs aren’t too great for the most part. Usually, the best deals occur with 1-time purchases. The notable exception is the daily-login pack, which is fantastic!

30-Day Supply Chest

Rating: 5/10

30 Day Supply Chest Package

If you read this article earlier on, you would have seen that I used to be a big fan of this pack. Well, I changed my mind. I’m not really much of a fan any longer. Waste of time and money, I think. There are better ways to spend your money. Recourses and speed-ups aren’t the way to spend it.

It’s not horrible at the very beginning of the game, but once you’re even a medium level player, I’d stop cold-turkey!

The highlights of this package include 15 days worth of speed-ups, 10,500 gems, 12 million gold, and 30 million of the other resources.

Is there a catch? Obviously! You need to collect a supply chest each day. If you miss a day, you will miss 1/30th of the reward…

Login Gifts

Rating: 9.5/10

Login Gifts Lords Mobile

This is a fantastic purchase. It’s only $1.99 but it’s filled with awesome stuff. It’s (so far) a great way to get Bright Talent Orbs for very very cheap. It is also usually packed with lots of rare materials!

If you are on a budget, this is the best daily recurring pack.

Update: This pack keeps on getting better! The Lords Mobile Login Gifts Pack is absolutely fantastic. I strongly strongly recommend it, even if you’re F2P. I’ve gotten some incredible stuff with it.

Note that I just bumped the score up to a 9.5/10.

Tuft Bundles

Rating: 2/10

Turf Familiar Boost
Here’s what you get inside the 7-Day Familiar Bundle… Boring…

All of them are rather boring… It was released by IGG as some massive update. Spoiler Alert: It’s as exciting as getting the ability to hear the thoughts of the average drunk at the pub… Looks great. Actually really dulling.

Turf Club is $9.99 and comes with a 25% boost for Research, Construction and Player EXP for 1 month. Not worth it! Don’t touch it!

7-Day Dash Bundle is $1.99 and comes with some resources. Waste of money! Don’t bother unless you’re a brand new player with no budget to spend!

Familiar Support offers a whole load of Familiar boost for 1 month at $9.99. It’s the best of the lot but still unbelievably underwhelming. I’d avoid it!

The 7-Day Familiar Bundle is just bleh… It’s only $2.99 but there’s nothing exciting inside. It’s as unimpressive as Scarlet Bolt.

Gem Packs

The gem packs aren’t such a good idea but are sometimes purchased out of necessity. Gems are the currency of Lords Mobile and sometimes you just need them…

Gem Packed

Rating: 6/10

Gem Packed Pack

Gems are expensive when purchased, but if you’re going to buy them, this is one of the cheapest deals that you’ll get. For $4.99 you can get 17,000 gems. That’s a good deal.

I personally used these packs to help me with the prison, altar and battle hall constructions. Was it a waste? Sure. But it sure felt good to knock those errands off my list so easily. I could have spent months slowly building up enough gems.

I placed this store purchase pack second on my list just to stop the people who purchase the other gem packs. If you want to purchase gems, this is one of the best packs you should purchase.

If you want to earn gems like a pro, click here to read my definitive gem earning guide.

Bursting with Riches

Rating: 6/10

Bursting With Riches Pack

I know some of you are having a hissy-fit right now. You’ve crunched the numbers and you see that this pack has a 6/10 ranking even though it has fewer gems than the “Gem Packed” pack.

Yep. I also know how to count…

It’s actually rather simple. This pack has a whole slew of chests. It’s worth the 3,000 missing gems! You won’t usually get much but because the Slayer Chest and the Champion Chests are here, it’s worthwhile to try!

Purchasing Raw Gem Packs

Rating: 0/10

49 for 9500 gems
DON’T buy this trash. Be better than that! Please…

IGG for some crazy reason has the option to just buy gems by themselves. Don’t be a fool! Don’t touch that garbage.

They are sitting nice and innocently at the bottom of the packs.

If you buy any of them, you have a serious problem. Please check yourself into an institution!

Packs for War Gear

Material Madness Pack

Rating: 9/10

Material Madness

The ultimate cheat for Lords Mobile Gear. I believed that, if you’re lazy and hate working hard, this is the pack for you. It’s $19.99 and it’s packed with goodies.

233 chests of Maggot, Tidal Titan, Queen Bee, Mecha Trojan, Saberfang, Wyrm, Bon Appeti, Hell Drider, Grim Reaper, and Frostwing. Most importantly, it comes with 38 chests of the Monstrous. The 8,000 gems and resources aren’t anything to talk much about. The weather is more interesting.

Update: This pack isn’t so good if you want to focus on guaranteed results once you are trying to max particular gear sets. There are other packs are SO MUCH BETTER. I wouldn’t bother buying any of these any longer! Summer Sunshine and Royal Trade Fair are 10x better!

Royal Trade Fair

Rating: 8/10

Royal Trade Fair

This is my favorite pack in the Lords Mobile store. I love cavalry and more than half of the set comes from the Gargantua. The Royal Trade Fair gives you a purple eye (not to be confused with a black eye) for every $9.99 pack. You also get a purple pearl and a purple Cursed Skull.

It’s a great deal if you want to build up your gear very quickly! If you buy 4 of these packs, you will have a yellow rare material. This is a guarantee! Unlike the Monster Madness gamble which can end up being a complete waste of money, this pack will give you a definite result!

Great pack for advanced players!

Summer Sunshine

Rating: 8/10

Summer Sunshine

This pack has the same awesome level as the Royal Trade Fair but just has different rare materials instead. If you are into Infantry and Ranged gear you’ll love this pack. You get a purple Glowing Halo, a purple Blood Sucker, and a purple Queen Venom.

It also costs $9.99

Spring Returns!

Spring Returns Paid Pack

Rating 8/10

Same drill as the top two packs. Costs $9.99 and has three purple rares:

  • 1 Purple Glowing Eye for Blackwing
  • 1 Ancient Blueprints for Mecha Trojan
  • 1 Corrosive Toxin for Mega Maggot

Carpe Diem Pack

Rating: 5/10

Carpe Diem Pack

Carpe Diem has the same deal as Material Madness. They used to be great. They’re packed with chests. Lots of gear chests and Happy Hour chests, but it’s all a complete waste of time.

You have better luck sinking a basketball from the other end of the court than getting the good stuff.

This pack comes with 50 chests of Grim Reaper, Mecha Trojan, Saberfang, Noceros, Frostwing, Gryphon, Snowbeast, Wyrm, Terror, Gargantuan, Maggot, and Hell Drider.

In short, avoid this pack! It’s a waste of money!

Up and Away (Migration)

Rating: 7/10

Up and Away Store Purchase

You’ve gotten sick of your kingdom or (more likely) they got sick of you. Do you want to migrate to a new kingdom? Collecting enough Guild Coins will be tough. Read my guide on how to migrate.

Assuming that you want to move quickly or your might is so strong that you’ll need multiple migration scrolls, this pack will be your life-saver.

At $4.99 its a no-brainer. This is one of the safest purchases. I would recommend this pack even for people who don’t typically spend money in Lords Mobile.

This is especially practical for the big players who will need loads of migration scrolls in order to migrate to a new kingdom.

Jewel Packs

I’m being so tough on most of the packs, and so it will probably surprise you to hear that I’m actually a fan of the jewel packs.

I think that you need a lot of money to do it right, but if you have the money, get jewels. Jewels are a great way to boost your war attack without anyone realizing how powerful you are! I’m a big fan!

Plentiful Offerings

Rating 4/10

This pack is cheaper than the Crown Jewel pack but I’d recommend staying away from it unless you like gambling… Nothing is certain with this pack. You can easily get 30 grey DEF jewels…

If you’re feeling like a gun-slinger go for it, but if you feel like a brain-user just avoid it.

Crown Jewels Pack

Rating: 6/10

Crown Jewel Chest

I’m really torn when it comes to this pack. There are some players who will swear up and down on this pack. They claim, with some merit, that the odds are better with jewels. They may be right. I don’t know for sure.

For advanced players, I would strongly recommend Crown Jewels. The odds are better because you are guaranteed the ATK jewels. Short of spending 99,000 per jewel chest in the Guild Store, this is the best way to gather jewels.

The best strategy would be to purchase the $19.99 and the $49.99 pack and then you will get the pack that’s really worth it: the $99 pack. This is obviously assuming that you have $170 to blow.

Out of the Blue Jewel Packs

Rating: 4/10

Out of the blue

Not a fan. Too much of nothing. Only 5 Sacks of Jewels is not enough. Avoid this pack!

Familiar Awakening Packs

The Familiar Awakening update may have ruined the game. But if you have the money to spend, you may as well be on the right side of the carnage. Here’s the funny thing. There is a good familiar pack and rip-off pack. Make sure that you buy the right one! The first one is just stupid. The second one is a great deal.

Familiar Awakening Pack

Rating: 3/10

Familiar Awakening Pack

This pack sucks! The only reason to buy it is if you’re in a massive rush to get Bright Talent Orbs and you don’t care if IGG robs you blind.

This pack charges you $4.99 for only 12 Bright Talent Orbs…

A Night of Mystery

Rating: 8/10

A night of Mystery Pack

This is the pack that you should be buying! It’s also $4.99 but this pack will give you 50 Bright Talent Orbs instead of 12. That’s a big bloody difference! Thank you IGG for making this so ridiculous!

Grand Awakening

Rating: 3/10

Grand Awakening Pack

The Brilliant Talent Orbs cost more money. Prepare yourself for that! You can expect to spend a great fortune getting one of the Pact 4 and Pact 5 Familiars ready for war…

Each Brilliant Talent Orb costs $1 – so that’s 20 Orbs for $19.99…

If you do decide to spend your money on those Familiars you will have the ability to really mess up your enemies. Those Familiars are really powerful!

Monster Slaying Packs

Monster Hunting is a critical part of Lords Mobile. I strongly recommend that, if you’re wasting money anyways, you spend a good chunk of it on Monster Gear!

Monster Slayer

Rating: 9/10

Monster Slayer Pack

This is a new pack and it’s incredible! It almost makes you feel like a fool for buying the other pack for years…

But better late than never. If you are into Monster Hunting (and you should be) then this pack will turn you into a monster ninja!

I’m actually not trying to be funny. This pack is the bread-and-butter of Monster Hunting! With $30 or so you will probably give your heroes a 30% boost! That is a big difference!

Ember Chests

Embers are important for expert players. You can’t get Mythic Gear without them.

Yes, I know that you can win some of them in events and Kingdom Tycoon, but if you really want to get important gear to Mythic, you will have to start spending…

Mythic Forge

Rating: 7/10

50 Ember Chests and 50 Blazing Embers for $19.99. It’s a pretty good deal!

It’s also good to remember that the drop rate for Ember Chests is really high. You can expect to get a bunch of blue and green embers from the chests.

Troop Training Pack

If you going to war or at war, this pack is for you. Aside from gemming troops (bad idea), this is the best way to build troops efficiently.

The screenshot will go up when I get a chance to screenshot it…

The Packs to Avoid

Some of the packs that didn’t make it on this list aren’t amazing but aren’t horrible. Below is my list of packs that are horrible.

Avoid these packs at all cost:

  • The packs with the lottery-styled boost chests. 90% of the generated chest will be garbage. The odds are never in your favor. I’ve tested it for you. You’re welcome.
  • All the holy star packs. You’re not going to win. Stop trying to convince yourself.
  • Mystic + Familiar Packs. Not worth it. Avoid it. I’m sure eventually they will start making packs that are worthwhile.
  • Speed up packs. In general, they’re a waste of money. The “Sweet Deal” Pack isn’t too bad, but I still would avoid it unless you desperately need speedups (for Hell Event or Guild Fest etc…)