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Top Tips for Lords Mobile Beginners

Here is my guide on how to become a non-beginner-player in Lords Mobile. This is a great help for brand new players who have decided that they want to grow quickly and efficiently, and not make the string of stupid mistakes that everyone else seems to be doing!

Please keep in mind. In the first 5 hours of playing, every step is going to be spoon-fed to you. You will be prompted for almost every step. In fact, if you go to the bathroom while you’re playing, a popup will appear inside the toilet-bowl explaining what you need to do next.

I’d like to thank [aud] for letting my brand new account into their guild! Great guild! Great people!

These instructions and tips will assume that you have already reached – at least – the first 50,000 Might score on your account. If you are less than that, come back when you hit that score.

  1. Get Accepted into a Guild
  2. Challenges and Elite
  3. Research and Construction
  4. Building Division
  5. Talents
  6. Hell Events and Solo Events
  7. Gear and Jewels
  8. Guild Coins
  9. Buy the Rose Knight Paid Pack
  10. Completing the Skirmish Battles
  11. Going to War
  12. Cargo Ship
  13. Helpful Tips

Get Accepted into a Guild

This first tip is critical for your growth. If you aren’t in a guild, you will not be able to progress much in this game.

Here’s the thing: Expect to get rejected a whole bunch of times! It’s not your personality (even though it probably would be if they knew you), it’s your score. No one wants to take in a newbie.

Eventually, however, a guild will accept you. Join. Even if they’re bad. A bad guild is better than no guild. Just make sure that they have at least 40 members or so.

If you want to learn more about how guilds work, I’m not going to explain it here, but you can click this link and read the article that I wrote about it.

Here’s the reason that Guilds are critical:

  • Helps. The help buttons will drastically remove time from construction and research. When you push the help button (it won’t take ANYTHING away from you), you will get guild coins. Guild coins are awesome.
  • Advice. The shared knowledge of all the people in the guild will be at your disposal.
  • Monster Hunting. You can’t monster hunt unless you’re in a guild. You also can’t receive the free Guild Gifts unless you’re in a guild.
  • Safety. If you join a big guild, people will be scared to attack in fear of serious retaliation.
  • Because I said so! Why do you need to hear more than that?

Challenges (and Elite)

Challenges Level 3 Tips

These are not a bonus – like most morons think – but rather absolutely critical. Which means, in other words, YOU NEED TO WIN THEM. If you are slow and stupid, now is your time to stop playing Lords Mobile. I would strongly recommend reappropriating your spare time to spray your walls with water and watching it dry.

Challenges are one of the biggest contributors to your quickened success. Try to get as far as you can. Those heroes are the reason that this app is an RPG-LMNOP.

My plan is to create a guide for the lower level challenges, but for now, I only have Elite 5, Elite 6, Elite 7, and Elite 8.

Regardless, here is a list of the best tips to help you get through the beginning levels:

  • Focus on getting rid of the most powerful enemy heroes first.
  • Plan out your Ultimate Attacks (the special attack that you can control) by clicking the blinking hero box) properly. Don’t just strike as soon as the box lights-up. Wait for the right moment or maybe even save it for the next stage.
  • Don’t use Prima Donna’s healing power straight away. Save her for emergencies only. If a hero is really low, hit her ultimate attack and take the heal.
  • If you have heroes that stun, don’t use their Ultimate Attacks all at the same time. Hit the enemy with one stunner, for example, Oath Keeper, then wait for the enemy to start moving again and hit them with Snow Queen, then wait and hit them with Night Raven. This technique can sometimes get you through levels that have heroes far stronger than your lineup.
  • Max out the trophies and ranks of each hero! This is CRITICAL! See beneath.
  • Pray. Sometimes that’s all you have at your disposal…
  • Use the right heroes. Watch the game carefully and try to determine which other heroes have the skills that you want.
  • Get Rose Knight. She’s great for Challenges.

One last note, and to continue talking about trophies and ranks. Let me break it down for you.

Oath Keeper Trophy and Medals


The top section on the right is the “Trophies”. These are stupid little prizes that you can win in the challenges (and monster hunts). Don’t underestimate the value of these trophies. Every trophy will add more points to the Hero Might and you will have a much stronger hero.

If you have the trophy and your hero is on the correct hero, the trophy will flash green and you can equip it. If you have the trophy but aren’t yet on the correct level, you will see a little “plus logo” in the top right corner of the box.

If you don’t have the trophy yet then you need to unlock it. Click on the box that says “None” and the screen will show you which level you will need to complete in order to win a chance at getting the trophy that you need.

Here’s the thing that most of you idiots don’t realize. If you have already completed the level (and gotten three stars) you will not have to play the level again to get a chance at winning the trophy that you want. You can just sweep the level. This means that you click the “sweep” button (either 1 shot or 10 shots) and the game will consider it as if you played and will give you the reward straight away.

See here:

Swiping Levels in Lords Mobile
The red square shows the potential prizes. The arrow shows the sweep buttons.


Medals count in Lords Mobile

Medals are represented in the lower section right section of the hero page. Medals add a different element than just the fighting element (like the trophies add). The medals improve the hero’s Battle Hero Skills. The actual battle skills will vary from hero to hero, but usually will have battle boosts (like Cavalry ATK or Range HP).

This is very very important.

You can upgrade the hero medals by clicking the “hand icon” near the medal color icon and completing the level shown (you can also sweep the levels if you won with 3 stars). With Elite Stage, however, for a while at the beginning you will be capped with how many entries you can do per day!

Rose Knight Stats Battle Skills

There are five medals:

  • Grey-silver is the default starting point. You need 20 medals to unlock the green.
  • Green is usually a double upgrade in stats over the silver. You need 50 medals to go to blue.
  • Blue is usually a double upgrade in stats above the green. You need 100 medals to go to purple.
  • Purple is usually a double upgrade in stats above the blue. You need 150 medals to go to gold.
  • Gold is usually a “double + a half” upgrade in stats above the purple.

The point is if you have any spare Bravehearts Points and you are too lazy to play more challenges. DON’T LET THEM WASTE. Go into one of the levels and sweep the points. You may as well put the Bravehearts back to 0 and let it build up again.

Research and Construction

Good Researches in Lords Mobile

Here’s the thing. Lords Mobile is not for slow and stupid people. I’ve said this a million times in my Lords Mobile blog. If you want to play a game that doesn’t require thinking, chase your neighborhood kids with a bb gun. Or lick a traffic pole during the winter.

That being said, you need to get as much research and construction as possible. Whether you should reach C25 straight away or stay at C24 is a great question, but you should definitely get up to c24 as soon as possible.

Here is the research that you should focus on:

  • The entire Economy section of the Academy (aside for the gem harvesting)
  • The entire Military section of the Academy. Prioritize the Offense researches but make sure to do all of them regardless.
  • Monster Hunting as desired. I’m a really big fan of Monster Hunting, but some people are just selfish…
  • Upgrade Military as needed

Here’s the research that you should ignore:

  • Ignore Defense (Just ignore it!!!)
  • Upgrade Defense (Yep. It’s a waste)

Building Division

Yep. How many of each building you build actually does matter! You should not just randomly decide how many barracks you want based on the number of cats that you want to adopt. For most of you that would mean 3,000 barracks…

This is a beginner guide and I don’t have the patience to explain to you-plebs the logic behind my rationale. Here’s the way that it is:

  • Build a maximum of 2 Barracks. I prefer just 1 Barrack… Get 3 only if you’re really needy…
  • Start off with only a few Infirmaries but as you start building troops, begin deleting Manors and building more Infirmaries.
  • Start off with loads of Manors, but – as mentioned a moment ago if you’re bloody paying attention – delete them as needed.
  • In regards to the resource-building. Pick one building and stick with it! Yes. EVERY account should be a hyper-account. Even the main account. So the breakdown should be, for example, 1 Farm (never EVER get more than 1 farm or else I will hunt you and hurt you), 13 Mines, 2 Quarry, and 2 Lumber Mill.
  • Familiar Buildings will depend on the Pacts and Familiars that you are training. It’s beyond the scope of this article. Click here to learn more.


Talents are those things that you can upgrade from the top left corner every time that you jump up a player level.

Don’t underestimate the power of these talent points. The only thing is that you will really have to pick between the Military Talent tree and the Economy Talent tree.

My recommendation would be to first max the Economy section that has research, building, and the hyper resource that you’re focusing on. Then move to the military and focus on the troop type that you’re focusing on.

Once you advance a little further in the game, it will be worthwhile to keep switching every time you go to war and every time you’re running economy campaigns. It’s expensive (1000 gems) but its usually worth it!

Hell Events and Solo Events

Hell Events for Beginners

I have a whole article dedicated to Hell Events, but here’s the gist that is important for beginner players. Hell Events are an incredible way to build up your account. Some of the prizes are stupid, but some of them are genuinely fantastic.

Make sure that you save your speed ups and only use them to speed up stuff that will complete in the correct Hell Event. Solo Events are great but I wouldn’t speed up big researches or constructions just to get Solo Event prizes.

If you have a Hell Event for Construction, don’t speed up research! It’s that simple. Have patience and wait. It’s worth it!

Timing your development and cashing in on the Hell Events can be really rewarding. If you see a watcher event, go for it. Watcher is going to be much harder later on in the game!

Gear and Jewels

Gear for Beginners

My opinion here is probably not going to be shared by many other players, but here it is.

Don’t bother focusing on gear!!!

“What? But I thought the gear was important?” you ask.

It is! But you are still a sucky player and the only gear that you can get still suck! Wait until you can get the good gear and in the meantime, save your material and keep collecting!

Once you hit player level 40, you’ll be able to start getting the Lunar Flutes and Sentinel’s Circlet for construction and research. The good war gear will usually start around level 45 but most will only be at level 60. Click here for a list of the best gear to get for Lords Mobile.

Or you can be a schmuk, max out the garbage gear, and then in 3 weeks, start collecting all the resources all over in order to get the proper gear…

The same theory applies to the jewels.

Guild Coins

Okay. I’m about to start screaming! Do not ever waste your Guild Coins on stupid things. Guild Coins are really precious! I dare you to spend your Guild Coins on speed-ups. I will hack into your account and rig it to explode. I dare you to mess around with me!

Here are the ONLY things that you should ever use your Guild Coins for:

  • Migration Scrolls (NOT even Regular Relocators or Random Relocators)
  • Jewel Chests
  • That’s It. Nothing Else. This third option is just for the drama to make a point!

Ideally, you should wait to buy these during Guild Fest so that you can spend 1,000,000 guild coins and get 138 points.

Buy the Rose Knight Paid Pack

Rose Knight in Battle

I’m not much of an advocate of spending big money in Lords Mobile. I help people out if they want to know which packs are the best ones to buy, but in general, I believe that real life comes before the game.

The Rose Knight Beginner Pack, however, is a really good idea. Rose Knight the best hero within Lords Mobile. Yes, she’s even better than all the paid heroes! You can usually only unlock her in Elite Stage 6-12. Paying $5 to unlock her at the beginning of the game will pretty much jump-start you like crazy.

If it means not drinking Starbucks for one day in order to afford to buy her, I suggest that you go for it. You probably did 2 good things in one shot…

Completing the Skirmish Battles

Skirmish Battle in Lords Mobile

Most players are in a tremendous rush to finish off the Skirmish Battles. They usually have no idea what lies beneath those mysterious clouds, and so they go nuts trying to unlock each Skirmish.

Here’s the sitch. The first 3 Skirmish Battles are critical. Do them as fast as you can. The rest isn’t that important. Don’t drive yourself crazy. At some point, you’ll do it, but at the beginning just focus on research and construction.

When you are ready to battle, make sure that you click the scout before launching an attack, and that you send the correct heroes. If you win, but the level is still locked, it means that there were survivors. You will need to hit the battle again and kill everyone. Make sure to heal your troops before going back in to fight. But more of that in the next section about war.

Going to War

Tips for Lords Mobile

Yay! This is probably the reason that you started playing Lords Mobile. You heard (or figured) that the wars and battles are amazing. It’s true. They are.

Bad news. You most likely aren’t ready for war. Most people that start fighting are ill-equipped to begin. You can join that long line of imbeciles or you can wait a few extra weeks and make sure that you’re really ready to battle with purpose.

There are a bunch of things that I would strongly recommend doing before you begin to burn castles down!

  • Learn How to Battle. Knowledge. There is a lot of technique in this game. Read my article on War in Lords Mobile. It could save you a lot of embarrassment and troops. In that order…
  • Build up Your Troops. You can’t go fighting with just a few troops. You should go out with at least 275,000 troops (Whether it’s T2, T3, and T4 will depend on your audience). Fighting (solo) with less will mean that you are going to lose troops a lot faster…
  • Medals of your Fighting Heroes. You will want to make sure that the Leader and the other heroes that you send out to war are sufficiently boosting your troops. If they are all grey, you will have a weak army. Also, don’t be a fool. Make sure that you’re sending the best heroes.
  • Gear and Jewels. Don’t go out fighting if your battle gear is bad. It’s just a waste of time. You need Mythic Champion Gear but you do need something relatively good… Also, try and pick one troop type that you want to focus on. It really helps you become a powerful attacker.

Here are a few other articles to read in order to become a war expert in Lords Mobile:

Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship Location on Screen

This is a brief guide and so I will keep my explanations quick. Always trade everything in the Cargo Ship. Don’t be a snob. All the deals are ALWAYS good. If you want to understand more, click here and read the article.

Helpful Tips

Firstly, this article is only just started. I’m planning to add a lot more tips! Secondly, there is no secondly. Or is there? Think about it.

  • Don’t put out the castle when it’s on fire. Just don’t!
  • Don’t get more than 1 farm.
  • Please don’t waste your time on traps and wall upgrades. Waste of time!
  • Siege in boring. Spoiler alert. Don’t bother!
  • The Mystery Box is great. Free gifts. Most of them are nothing special, but every-once-in-a-while you’ll something awesome!