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Unlock Watcher Hero in Lords Mobile

The Watcher Hero may be one of the best heroes in Lords Mobile, but getting him as difficult. Yes, possibly even as difficult as fixing Global Warming.

Who is Watcher?

Watcher Max Strength Preview

Watcher is one of the Lords Mobile Heroes. He is clearly supposed to be a rip-off of Fangorn (one of the Ents) from one Lords of the Rings. Surprise, the Watchers is part of a group called Treants. Really?

Sometimes IGG feels more like a Mockumentary than a game!

His backstory is about him saving the trees… Blah blah blah. I’m already bored. I’d rather try and read a dictionary upside-down.

His graphics are what you would expect when the Paint program just came out. The Watcher’s movements and graphics are about as overly-dramatic and unrealistic as an “injured” soccer player rolling on the ground.

How to Unlock Watcher?

Watcher in Hell Event

Watcher (and Choas Dragon), unlike all the heroes in Lords Mobile cannot be unlocked through Elite Challenges or money.

Watcher is unlocked through successfully completing Hell Events and 24-Hour Challenges. The Watcher Hero will be unlocked in Phase 3.

Bad news: The Watcher Hero very rarely shows up, and even when he does, it is usually very difficult to achieve!

My recommendation would be keep your large researches and buildings un-rushed until you see the Watcher in the Hell Event!

Watchers Specifications

Watcher Hero Battle Skills and Specification

Watcher is a fantastic Hero. I didn’t add him to my list of Top Lords Mobile Heroes just because he can’t be unlocked in the usual way. But he definitely deserves to be there! He is a solid hero!

His HP is one of the highest in Lords Mobile and he is a fantastic tank hero. His ATK, MATK and defenses are not really great… I would use him in the Colosseum if you want heroes that can stand a good beating from the agile heroes.

The Watchers battle skills are incredible.

If you bring the Watcher to gold, he will give your army a 20% Army ATK boost and 25% Army HP boost. He will also lift the troop training speed up by 20%.

Tips for Unlocking Watcher

Watcher Close Up

You’d think it was self-understood. Finish Hell Event and unlock watcher. But we are in the generation of simpletons and so everything needs to be spelled out.

There are also a few handy tricks that you can employ to take you a little further.

  • Plan for Watcher far before Watcher even appears. Don’t just speed up Researches or Troop Training. Wait patiently until a Watcher Event appears and then speed up.
  • Make sure that everyone in your guild knows to send out messages and chats if the Watcher appears. You want to catch him as soon as he appears so that you have enough time to complete the event!
  • If the Watcher is a Research Event, ask your guild-mates to be ready to push the “Help Button”. There is no reason to not take 30% of the research before speeding up.
  • BIG TIP: Try to do as many Watcher Events before reaching c25 or even earlier. Hell Events are much easier earlier on in the game. If you can get them out of the way and get a lot of medals, it will be a lot easier later on…
  • I wouldn’t recommend rushing the Watcher Event and paying money to complete the milestones. If you want to invest money into a war hero, I would recommend the Songstress of the Sea. Watcher is supposed to be done slow-and-steady! It is basically IGG’s gift for the F2P players.
  • Expert Cheat: For Watcher Building Event. Delete three of your infirmaries and rebuild them… It will cost a little but its a real easy way to get the Watchers every time they arrive on Building Hell Events… You will have to use some speed-ups. Don’t wait for helps! You only have 45~ minutes!