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How to Upgrade to T5?

Okay. You’re probably raging and planning/threatened to quit over this new update… But let’s face it… You also want to know how to upgrade to T5.

Secretly you want to reach T5 ahead of the rest of your kingdom…

Here is everything that you need to know about T5!

Also, here’s my original prediction article for T5 from last year.

Important Note: This article is only partially completed. It will be updated soon!

What is T5?

T5 Cav Inf Range in Lords Mobile

If you are honestly asking this question, you do not deserve to be asking this question. You belong in Clash of Clans or some other game like that…

But you’re still reading and I may as well explain it to you anyways. This will be counted as my monthly-kindness!

T5 are the highest-ranking troops in Lords Mobile. They have replaced the T4 troops as the most desirable soldiers on the battlefield.

T5 Troops vs T4 Troops

T4 Army in battle

You’re probably wondering how much stronger T5 troops are than T4 troops. The answer will surprise you.

Not much.

Each T4 troop has a might of 36 while each T5 troop has a might of 48. That’s only a jump of a little over 30%.

Of course, every extra stat adds up but don’t expect the jump that you felt between T1 to T2 or T2 to T3.

T1 TroopsMight 2
T2 TroopsMight 8
T3 TroopsMight 24
T4 TroopsMight 36
T5 TroopsMight 48

I know a bunch of you are going to point out that the might jump is technically the same as from T3 to T4. The thing is, as every person with half a brain knows, the percentage jump is less with T5…

How to Get T5 Troops?

How to make Lunite
Infographic from Lords Mobile for Luminous Gear

Ok. The golden question. How do I actually get T5 Troops?

Here’s the thing for all those hiding under a freakin rock. T5 troops are bloody hard to activate. Prepare to wait a long time. Like the next USA election cycle type of long… If the USA has still managed to exist by then…

Here are the things that you’ll need to do in order to unlock T5:

  • Get T4 troops. You will have to complete all the requirements for T4 as mentioned in this article.
  • You will have to complete the entire “Gear Tree” research in the Academy. That’s a heck-load of research. You will need to research all of it!
  • You will need to build Lunar Foundry. This building will let you craft Lunite.
  • Process the Lunite into Luminous Gear. Yeh. This stupid list is getting ridiculously long. Thank you for nothing IGG.
  • And then you will be able to convert T4 into T5.
  • By the time you reach the end of this horrible list, you’ll be able to control your flying car with your mind…

And that’s it! Easy as pie.

Also, there are paid packs to make everything go quicker, but of course, they cost money… Yay!

Gear Up Paid Pack

How to Build the T5 Troops?

Assuming that you finished the list mentioned in the earlier section, you will now need to go into the Barracks.

You will see the T5 troops at the bottom.

Use the Lunimous Gear and you can convert the T4 troops into T5 troops. It’s that unsimple!

Heads up: Unless you have at least 1 of the 4 types of T5 troops unlocked, you will not be able to see any of the T5 troops in the Barracks.

Healing T5 Troops

Not much to say aside for the fact that you will obviously need to use that stupid stupid Lunite to heal injured T5 troops.

So that’s really fun…


Tips and Tricks for T5

Honestly, there aren’t that many tips or tricks. The T5 update is just long and hard, but there are a few suggestions that I would recommend.

  • If you haven’t unlocked T4 yet, take advantage of the current “Research Rush”. Go crazy and waste all of your gems and speed-ups while the 30% reduction is still active. 30% off is a big deal!
  • Pay a bomb of money and buy the new Lunite Paid Packs… Or don’t. But it will take a lot longer…
  • Focus exclusively on the “Gear” research. It’s going to take a long time.

Should you Get T5 Troops?

Honestly, probably not. But no one is going to listen. The ego race has started. And so I won’t tire my fingers, typing advice that will be ignored!