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Voodoo Shaman Cheatsheet

The Voodoo Shaman is among one of the more recent Monsters in Lords Mobile. It is also the only monster that will unlock gear for Familiars. In short, it’s bloody important!

In this article, I will breakdown everything that you need to know in order to hunt it down. Also, you’ll learn about the Voodoo Shaman Gear.

Attacking the Voodoo Shaman

As you know – if you’ve read my other Monster Hunting Articles – I’m a big fan of ATK monsters. Magic Attack is boring. Just saying. I always prefer the non-magic heroes for Monster Hunting.

Luckily, this monster is an ATTACK HERO. Do not try using Magic Heroes. It won’t work and you’ll look like an idiot… Your entire guild will point and laugh.

The other good news is that with Free to Play heroes, you’re not that far behind the P2P players. I’m sure that the F2P will still be grumpy, but this is actually a great moment for all you small/no spenders. Enjoy your 2-seconds of happiness! It won’t last long.

Here is my list of the top heroes to attack the Voodoo Shaman with. I sent them out against a Level 1 on their own. Here are the results. Now of course, as a combined team the heroes will have different results, but this till gives you an idea of their overall power…

  • Black Crow (24%)
  • Death Archer (21%)
  • Tracker (20%)
  • Trickster (18%)
  • Demon Slayer (16%)
  • Scarlet Bolt (12%)

Voodoo Shaman Hero Lineup

The Voodoo Shaman is quite consistent throughout the different levels, which is very refreshing. Unlike some of the other monsters, the Voodoo Shaman has an identical heroes lineup for Level 1 and Level 5. So, YAY!

Voodoo Shaman Free to Play Monster Lineup

Level 1 – Level 5 Free-to-Play Lineup: Black Crow, Tracker, Demon Slayer, Trickster, and Death Archer.

P2P Level 1 – Level 5 Lineup: Mastercook, Ethereal Guide, Demon Slayer, Tracker, and Black Crow

Basically, send the heroes and kill the monster. You’re bloody welcome!

Gear from Voodoo Shaman

Voodoo Shaman Gear and Equipment

The Voodoo Shaman has gear that’s entirely focused on Familiar Training. All the Voodoo Shaman gear is important.

Also please note that the Mystic Box for the Familiar Accessory is not a monster gear and is created with materials that are farmed on the Kingdom Map.

Okay, here we go!

  • Ancestral Kilt (Legs). Familiar Training EXP 28% and Merging Speed 14%
  • Spirit Mantle (Armor). Merging Speed Pacts 28% and Familiar Training EXP 42%
  • Accursed Mask (Helmet). Merging Boost for Pacts 42% and Merging Boost for Skillstones 4.2%
  • Blight Vial (Off-Hand). Merging Speed Skillstones 14% and Familiar Training EXP 70%
  • Bone Staff (Main-Hand). Merging Speed Pacts 21% and Familiar Training EXP 70% and Familiar Skill EXP Boost 4.2%

In short, get the Shaman hunted. It’s important.

I have a few articles on Familiars. Read them. Or don’t. I don’t care!

Voodoo Shaman Rewards

In addition to the gear rewards that was mentioned in the previous section, the Voodoo Shaman doesn’t really give any additional notable prizes.

But you asked for the rewards and so I’ll list them off anyways. JERK!

Voodoo Shaman Rewards Monster Hunting
  • Stuffed Doll. The rare material. The good news is that the drop rate is very high! Thank you IGG.
  • Sacred Gem. This IS NOT a regular gem that goes inside the gear. I’m not sure why IGG made this so bloody confusing. No thank you IGG!
  • Ritual Mask
  • Tribal Drum
  • Shield (3 days)
  • 1000 Gems
  • 24-Hours Speed Up
  • 600K Gold
  • Hero Chest
Voodoo Shaman Paid Pack

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That was an angry shout! 40 chest for $5!!!! Are they freaking kidding me?????!???

I would say that you shouldn’t buy this $5 pack. I hate $5 packs but unfortunately, you have no real choice. This is going to be the best way to get the Voodoo Shaman Gear. There are small packs that offer a few Voodoo Shaman Chests but if you want to move quickly, you’re going to have to buy the $5 pack!

The drop rate is fantastic. The Stuffed Doll is 14.5%. That’s crazy good!

Stuffed Doll (Rare)114.50%
Sacred Gem119.50%
Ritual Mask133.00%
Tribal Drum133.00%

Final Thoughts

The Voodoo Shaman is actually an enjoyable monster to kill. It’s easy to kill and it has an incredible drop rate. And it’s ridiculously unfair towards P2P players.

In short, the Voodoo Shaman is the dream monster for F2P. Enjoy this moment. This almost never happens in Lords Mobile.

Mark Out. Get lost.

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