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Watchtower in Lords Mobile

The watchtower is very important but awfully simple. There really isn’t much to write about in regards to the operation of it… The upgrades and levels, however, are complicated. The developers at IGG were super drunk on the day they invented the Watchtower.

Convincing people to upgrade their watchtower is fairly easy, because you won’t be able to upgrade to the next castle level unless you upgrade your watchtower.

Here goes nothing…

What is the Watchtower?


The Watchtower, like the real watchtower irl, is a building that lets you see stuff from far away. I’m really not sure why I have to explain this. The sad part is that half the people reading this are probably still not going to understand. Too much glue in their morning cereal, I think…

The Watchtower is responsible for alerting you when you have incoming an army approaching your turf.

Level 25 Watchtower

The level 25 Watchtower has a special bonus in addition to Fortify Option that is unlocked. You will automatically be able to reduce the Enemy Invading Troop ATK by 10%.

Scroll below to see the other perks of Level 25 Watchtower.

Watchtower Upgrades

Watchtower in Castle in Lords Mobile

On a lot of the other websites they just copy the text straight from the Lords Mobile game. That’s boring, but also not very helpful. IGG aren’t great at explaining themselves and repeating their words is like explaining science using advanced science terms. Boring and pointless.

Level 1

Okay. This level doesn’t really count because it’s the level that the Watchtower starts on, but I guess it gives you the overall objective of the building.

  • Alerts you of the presence of an incoming army.
  • The edges of the screen will glow red if a hostile army is approaching and blue if an ally is approaching.

Level 4

Most of the updates on the Watchtower don’t have any additional features. Level 2 and 3 are skipped because there is nothing to say.

  • Reveals the player name of the incoming army
  • Provides you the coordinates of the incoming army. (Please note that the coordinates will expire once the incoming army finishes approaching.

Level 7

Level 7 gives you one of the most important details on the approaching army.

  • You will be able to learn how much time left until the approaching army arrives at your turf. Keep in mind that they can speed up so make sure you play it safe. The number that you see now could change dramatically a second later.

Level 10

This level upgrade is lame. Honestly, Lords Mobile should have just put this upgrade together with Level 4. I guess they didn’t consult me before planning the Watchtower.

  • Reveals the Guild name (three digit name) of the incoming army.

This will help you know how hostile the incoming party is and how powerful their guild is.

Level 13

Level 13 seems kind of useless, but it actually become much important when you become a big castle.

  • This upgrade lets you know how many troops are apporaching your turf.

The reason this upgrade is so important is that it will let you make a calculated decision in regards to your defense strategy. Every time you’re attacked, you need to decide if you absorb the attack with your leader open (or if it’s risky and you’ll want to hide your leader), or if you should shelter or hide everything.

Level 15

Continuing on from the level 13 upgrade, this upgrade will let you know a little more information about the troops heading your way.

  • You’ll know if the troops are being led by an enemy hero and also what types of troops (Infantry, Range, Cavalry, or Siege)

Level 17 and Level 19

Level 17 and Level 19 are so close that there is no use in separating them.

  • Level 17 will reveal the estimated size of each squad approaching and what level (T1 – T4) they are.
  • Level 19 reveals the names (and pictures) of the heroes and Familiars approaching your turf. This upgrade will not tell you the level of the hero.

Level 21 and Level 23

From level 21 and onward, your watchtower will actually be providing fantastic reports of the incoming armies. The guesswork is primarily over (see below for a better understanding) and you will know almost everything that you’ll need to know about the appraoching army.

  • Level 21 will reveal the full breakdown of each troop type with their count.
  • In Level 23 you will learn the level and grade of the approaching heroes

Level 25

The final level will unlock all the features of the Watchtower.

  • Unlocks the “Fortify” Button which can be located inside the Watchtower as the enemy soldiers are approaching your turf.
  • Lowers the troops ATK by 10%

Discovering more than the Watchtower

Learning Details about Enemy

It’s important to realize that the Watchtower will only give you a very limited scope of knowledge on the an incoming army. Once upgraded properly, you should have a good idea of who is attacking you. There is, however, much more to learn about your enemy.

Here are the things you can do to learn more about your incoming enemy:

  • Click on his castle and see how high his might is. This should generally give you an idea of how powerful the castle is. But not always. Click here to learn more about Castle Might.
  • Gear. This is important for multiple reasons. First, you can see how far advanced his gear is (and therefore how powerful a punch the incoming army will deliver) and secondly you can see which of his army is primary. If the gear is set to cavalry, I would highly suggest changing your troop formation to range etc…
  • Kill Count. This number will let you know how experienced this castle really is!
  • Military Stats. Another way to know how experienced the player and castle is…

Final Thought

If you want to get to level 25 Castle you will have to upgrade the Watchtower as well. Basically, you won’t really have a choice but to upgrade the Watchtower.

At least, if you already have it maxed, learn how it works and how to use it properly!