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WeGamers Review

Sometimes I feel like people invent apps without actually planning it the whole experience properly. Like the guy that goes into the toilet without checking to see if there is any tissues or toilet paper.

Somehow when he’s half-way through his visit it becomes everyone else problem to work out how to solve his problem…

And this brings me straight to WeGamers. The app was developed by the same company as Lords Mobile. And this app proves that you can’t always get lucky twice.

What is WeGamers?

Screenshots of WeGamers

Honestly, I’m not really sure. I thought it was a messaging app, but then I realized it was also a social media. After digging deeper, I also discovered that IGG is also using it as a publicizing platform. Then I saw that they have in-game chat.

Here are the tasks that WeGamers can do:

  • Gather a following of fans
  • Streaming live
  • Chat with friends and/or guild/team members
  • Catch up on news about your game
  • Gaming Events
  • Prizes and Bundles from IGG

To download the app for IOS click here and for Android click here.

Why I’m Unimpressed with WeGamers?

It can do everything aside for producing snow, so why am I complaining?

Well, that’s kind of the point. It can do absolutely everything, and yet absolutely nothing properly. It’s like a swiss army knife made of feathers or a $1,000,000 check from an empty bank account.

Because I’m sure that someone in IGG is actually reading this article (this is currently the most popular Lords Mobile Blog), I do hope that they will fix this app.

Because I love list, here is a list with all the things wrong with WeGamers:

  • The graphics are lame. Seriously. I know that they can do better… Lords Mobile is beautiful. WeGamers looks like a game that is running directly from DOS.
  • The interaction seems minimal. Either I don’t know how to use the app (highly unlikely) or the app just isn’t that immersive…
  • The UX (user experience) is a nightmare. This is actually my biggest problem. It’s not easy to use. It takes hours worth of tinkering until you know what is going on. And even afterward, it is awfully confusing!

WeGamers Alternatives

This is actually a hard answer to answer just because everyone has a different need. WeGamers tries to address everything but has so far failed. I think the trick to finding another app would be to think about what you need.

Guild Chatting and Groups

My recommendation for Guild interaction would definately be Line App. You can chat to individual guild-members and/or group chat with everyone. If you want, you can even call people using Line.

The interface is awesome (8/10) and you can use the app exclusively for gaming.

Alternately, you can use Whatsapp (9/10). The only reason I hesitate to use Whtsapp is that I want to reserve that app for real-life communication!

Live Streaming the Game

Welcome to the 21st century. There are so many services that provide streaming. My recommendations would be Twitch or YouTube. They are popular and your reach is a lot further than WeGamers.

Advice and Blog Articles

Ahem. Yes, I’m coughing. If you are looking for Lords Mobile Advice you don’t need to log into WeGamers. You can a friendly but angry advice-giver right over here.

The same thing applies to almost all games online. There are writers who write about every topic. The content will always be better on an individual blog because the writer will take a lot more pride in his own product…

The articles on WeGamers are mid-range at best. Yes, mid-range is a compliment for most of that drivel!

Questions and Answers

WeGamers is actually a graet location for questions and answers. Many of the questions get ignored but when they are answered it is quite effective.

Alternatively, you can go to Reddit (as many do) and ask your questions there.

Like all the rest of my critique, WeGamers would be a great app if only it were done properly.

The Siren

WeGamers has a feature that enables you to alert all the members of your group/guild if there is an gaming-emergency. For example, in Lords Mobile, if your guild is under attack.

Great feature!

Unfortunately, this is so basic. Any other app can replace it. Even a group text message from the days of the Nokia 5110 could replace this functionality.

They should create a custom ring and alert system. That would give WeGamers an edge. I really hope that they are paying attention to this

Are you a Lords Mobile fan? I’ve written loads of articles for Lords Mobile. Check it out! Or don’t… I don’t really care!