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Which P2P Heroes Should You Buy?

Understanding the P2P (Pay to Play) Heroes is probably one of the most popular questions in Lords Mobile. The scary news is that most people are completely clueless about this topic (including many players who have spent $1,000s). They think, like most people, that if someone charges for something, it’s obviously worth something… And so, like sheep, they go buying the heroes that look coolest…

(Just to prove my point, I’d like to mention that most of you are probably reading this article from Apple iPhones. A clever writer would probably steer clear from offending the majority of his demographic, but I say, “JUMP IN A LAKE”. Here’s my opinion on Apple Products. Don’t enjoy it!)

To learn my pick of the top overall F2P and P2P heroes, click here.

Do you have to Buy P2P Heroes?

Witch Doll P2P Hero

Before I start breaking down which hero to get and which to avoid, first I need to establish whether you need to buy any…

The answer is no. It’s that simple. Goodbye. Have a nice day!

You do NOT need to purchase any paid heroes. You can be an incredibly lethal castle without spending a single cent on Lords Mobile!

I’m not saying this to pander to a lot of the audience who proudly wave the F2P-Flag. I couldn’t care less about my audience’s feelings. If they wanted to feel good, they wouldn’t have come here!

I promote F2P because I’ve seen it work!

I’ve seen some serious players who refuse to spend a dime! It takes more effort, but it is completely possible! Some of the F2P heroes are straight-up awesome and if you use them right, you can do incredible things.

That being said…

There is no question that the best heroes in Lords Mobile are the paid Heroes. Even the greatest F2P hero – the Rose Knight – doesn’t come close to the power of the successful P2P Heroes.

The problem is, of course, the money. Most of us, who are not yet millionaires, have commonplace plebeian bills to pay. And here begins the 3-year old dilemma…

  • Is Lords Mobile more important than rent?
  • Do you need to eat 3 meals a day? Or is 1 meal enough?
  • Will your guild think less of you if you choose to keep your wife/husband happy instead of your R5?

These are serious questions that I think everyone should consider before going all out on paid heroes!

If you only have a few dollars in your bank account, I would recommend buying a pop-socket instead of Paid Heroes. Being able to hold your phone without it sliding is probably better than a half baked hero… Just saying…

War Heroes

Barbarian Hero P2P Lords Mobile

Before we start talking about War Heroes there is a critical note that I need to make. I’m going to make it bold because it’s so important.

Are you ready?

Prepare your eyes for this big revelation!

Don’t buy any War Hero unless you plan on eventually bringing it to gold!

What? Gold? How do I know? Are you sure?

Yes, yes, yes and yes!

If the hero is only a military hero and doesn’t have other redeeming qualities like Colosseum, Monster Hunting, admin etc… don’t buy it unless you plan to eventually bring it to gold. The FREE Gold F2P Heroes are far better than any Purple P2P hero that you can buy.

That being said… Here goes my rundown of the top war heroes.

P2P Army Heroes

Storm Fox Lords Mobile Hero

The following heroes are the best ones among the paid heroes that specialize in boosting the entire army. The maximum boost amount isn’t as large as the specialty boost heroes, but the army hero will boost all the troops that fight under him/her.

If you have a very limited budget and lots of troops, I would strongly recommend getting an Army Hero instead of a specific troop hero!

  1. Storm Fox. It may surprise a lot of you to find out that Storm Fox is the most effective army hero (excluding the mega P2P heroes). Most people don’t even know that she exists. She’s the same as Dreamwitch… but she only costs $110 to max. She is, therefore, a much better choice! What about Songstress? She’s awesome, but Storm Fox has a training boost as well.
  2. Dream Witch. Like Storm Fox, she doesn’t have Army DEF stats, which are overrated anyway. She also has the added advantage of giving you a 25% troop training boost. The Dream Witch is not a bad idea! She costs a little more at $165 when buying $5 packs and $2,175 to max in one shot! Her higher price is the only reason she is not tying in the first place.
  3. Lore Weaver: She is the TOP P2P hero and there is nothing to talk about (well, actually I do discuss it more below). If you want to pick only one P2P hero to purchase, she is without a doubt the hero to pick. See below for a better explanation. She costs $165 to max if you do it slowly with $5 packs and only $375 in one shot. (She doesn’t come with any admin skills and she provides Army DEF instead. Yuk – but forgivable – considering how awesome she is.)
  4. Berserker: Just like Songstress of the Sea, she is the ultimate Army Hero. Infantry. The cost to bring her to gold is $110 with $5 packs. She will cost $775 to bring her to gold in one shot! The advantage of the Berserker is that she is also a fantastic tank Colosseum hero.
  5. Songstress of the Sea: She is an awesome Army Hero. Range. The cost to bring to gold is $110 if only purchasing $5 packs. If you’re impatient and want to max in one shot it will cost – $1,275. She’s probably the most famous Army Hero. I’m not sure why. She’s great, but the other ones are far better… Some of the players in this game are wierd!

In conclusion, I would first focus on Lore Weaver. She is by far the best! Why? Because if your also at the top of the Colosseum you can afford to spend your gems on speeding up your progress…

If you have more money after maxing Lore Weaver, start focusing on the best heroes based on your preferred troop composition!

P2P Infantry Heroes

The Infantry Heroes are straight forward.

  1. Twilight Princess. She is the best Infantry Hero by a long shot because there is no other P2P hero that has only ATK and HP. When going to war she has ATK, HP, and DEF. She costs $165 to max with $5 packs. If your army focuses on Infantry, she is, without a doubt the top hero!
  2. Grim Wolf. It is a little pathetic that the second-best Infantry hero only has Infantry ATK and DEF stats and 1 army HP stat, but such is the world that we live in! At full strength, the army HP is 25% and so I guess he isn’t terrible…
  3. The Big Guy. Skip to the very bottom of this article to learn more about this elusive hero…
  4. Femme Fatale. Just Infantry ATK. Whatever. I’d rather spend my money at starbucks. And that is saying a lot…

P2P Range Heroes

There are plenty of good Range P2P heroes. As I’ve already mentioned, I hate DEF and have therefore put a preference on the heroes that have a bonus admin stat instead of DEF. Also, the cheaper, the better!

  1. Petite Devil. She is an easy winner. She offers Range ATK and HP in addition to 25% research boost. In order to max her, you will only have to pay $110 with the $5 packs. And the best part is that is a solid Colosseum hero!
  2. Grove Guardian. I’m a big fan of Grove Guardian, and in addition to being an awesome war hero, he is an incredible Colosseum hero. For war, he carries the full range spectrum of ATK, HP, and DEF. He costs $165 to max with $5 payments.
  3. Mastercook. He’s on the same caliber as Grove Guardian when it comes to Range specifications! He also cost $165 to max. The downside is that he isn’t near as good as Grove Guardian when it comes to the Colosseum.
  4. Etherial Guide. She looks fierce but she’s kind of a waste of time. There are already 3 awesome Range heroes. It is really silly to purchase a hero that only offers Range ATK and army level HP. Only buy her if you really have a lot of money sitting around…

P2P Cavalry Heroes

Those who follow my blog already know that I’m a big fan of cavalry, but in this area I’m disappointed. The P2P cavalry heroes are dreadful! There are only two good ones and one ridiculous one… It could be, and this is my strong suspicion, that IGG are going to roll out a good P2P cav hero soon. It would make a lot of sense… My guess is that they will create a Cav ATK and HP, with a research boost.

  1. Barbarian. He looks fearsome, and, good news, he is effective. His war stats have a cavalry ATK, cavalry HP, and cavalry DEF. He costs $110 to max with $5 packs.
  2. Steambot. He is exactly the same as Barbian in specifications, but he looks weird and so demoted him. Like Barbarian, he also has a solid cavalry ATK, cavalry HP, and cavalry DEF. He costs $110 to max with $5 packs.
  3. Vengeful Centeur (missing HP…). I wouldn’t recommend. He looks awesome, but that is not a good reason to buy a an expensive hero. He is also great at monster hunting… but he is missing Cavalry HP… Don’t pay the $110 to upgrade unless you have a lot of money to burn!

IGG is probably reading this and so this is a message to you:

Kovzhv hglk dzhgrmt lfi nlmvb. Dv wlm’g pmld gl svok lfihvoevh…

Colosseum Heroes

Colosseum Heroes

Some people buy heroes just for the Colosseum. I’m not an advocate. It’s not a good idea! There are some heroes that are incredible crossover heroes. In other words, they’re awesome at battle and also at war. Those are the heroes that made their way to the top of this list…

Here are the heroes that top my list:

  1. Lore Weaver. Any paying attention should already know this. Lore Weaver is an incredible hero. She dominates at war and she (together with Rose Knight) is in almost all successful Colosseum compositions.
  2. Grove Guardian. He (or she? It’s confusing) is an awesome Colosseum Hero. His skills are all stupid and childlike, but they are effective. He carries a punch. If you see him maxed in the Colosseum, avoid him. He’s deadly. He is also an incredible Range Hero. See above
  3. Berserker. She’s tough and a far better choice than Death Knight… I would highly recommend bringing her to level green before sending her out to the Colosseum!
  4. Witch Doll. She’s great and when she gets the timing correct, she will single-handedly take out the enemy team. Her petrifying ultimate attack is ridiculously deadly. She also needs to be brought up to green. Her downside is that her resilience to attack is very low…
  5. Petite Devil. Once brought to green, the Petite Devil will make a complete mess of the enemy team. Like the Witch Doll, she can’t take too many attacks.
  6. Femme Fatale. She a wild hero with an attack that is vicious! If you want a hero that will destroy the enemy quickly, she is your girl!

Click here to learn more about the Colosseum.

Monster Hunting Heroes

P2P Hero for Monster Hunting

This is an interesting angle. Not everyone will say that its worthwhile to buy a hero just for monster hunting. I have no opinions on the matter. Is it a waste of money? Sure. But isn’t any hero a waste of money… You’ll notice that most of these heroes are useless for anything else… I wouldn’t recommend buying these unless you have a lot of money to spend…

  • Mastercook (Strength)
  • Femme Fatale (Strength)
  • Petite Devil (Magic)
  • Storm Fox (Magic)
  • Dream Witch (Magic)

Admin Heroes

To tell the truth, I’m not much of a fan of Admin Heroes. Admin heroes are heroes that are basically pathetic on their own. The only boosts that they provide can only really be translated into troop training boosts, research boosts, construction boosts, or Gold Supply Boosts.

The reason is simple (which is also just like your facial features). The boosts that they provide can be redirected into research and taken far further, for far cheaper! Maxing a hero is expensive. If you only plan to max a few, don’t go near admin heroes…

If you do plan on getting Admin Heroes, at least focus on the correct ones. Here goes my list: Coming soon!

Top Overall P2P Heroes

Hero and Battle

Trying to breakdown the top overall P2P heroes is going to be impossible. As mentioned before, everyone’s specifications are going to be drastically different.

In spite of this, I’ve decided to create this list. I have a lot of fans, some dumb, and some not. I’ve gotten a good idea by now what most people want from this game.

If you don’t agree with my list, spill you hot coffee on your shirt, and then use that anger to write an angry response in the comments below! I welcome it with as much enthusiasm as your family welcomes you… Now that was a toxic insult.

  1. Lore Weaver
  2. Storm Fox
  3. Your Top War Heroes listed above (Twilight Priestess, Petite Devil or Barbarian). This would depend on your personal preferred troop attack.
  4. Grove Guardian
  5. Dream Witch

P2P Hero Costs

So many people are curious about the cost of the P2P heroes. Here is a breakdown of how much they cost and how many medals come in each package.

Please keep in mind that the prices listed below are the minimum price assuming that you are only purchasing $5 packs. If you have the patience of a mouse and you want to eat your cheese on the spot it will obviously cost you a lot more. A LOT MORE!

HEROMedals in $5 PackTotal Price
Barbarian15 Medals$110
Berserker10 Medals$165
Big GuyNA$276
Dark Follower15 Medals$110
Dark MagisterNA$11,000
Dream Witch10 Medals$165
Ethereal Guide15 Medals$110
Femme Fatale15 Medals$110
Grim Wolf10 Medals$165
Grove Guardian10 Medals$165
Lore Weaver10 Medals$165
Mastercook10 Medals$165
Petite Devil15 Medals$110
Prince of Theives15 Medals$110
Shape ShifterNA$11,000
Songstress15 Medals$110
Steambot15 Medals$110
Storm Fox15 Medals$110
Twilight Priestess10 Medals$165
Vengeful Centaur15 Medals$110
Witch Doll10 Medals$165

Just for some context, it would cost a minimum of $35,696 to get all the paid heroes to gold!

Mega P2P Heroes – Titans

Mega P2P Hero

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this article doesn’t cover the mega P2P heroes (Shape Shifter, Lightweaver, and Dark Magister). These heroes cost A LOT of money. Like buying a car outright type of money…

I do want to cover a special article dedicated just to them, but to summarize. If you have these heroes, you are basically unstoppable!

The whale players have these heroes and they’re the ones who are fighting for baron and emperor…

Most of us are not in that league! Click here to learn more about the Titan Players.

The Big Guy

The Big Guy

I’ve dedicated an entire section for the Big Guy because he is complicated… Keep reading!

The Big Guy is incredible. Yes, incredible for beginner players. I’m not a fan of admin heroes as I mentioned above, but the Big Guy is an exception. He’s packed with fantastic boosts and he also comes equipted with specailized gear.

The problem is that most players don’t realize that they want to spend serious money in Lords Mobile until they have already been playing for a few months at least.

By the time most players are ready to drop serious dough for the Big Guy, they don’t really need him any longer.

The Big Guy is kind of pathetic for advanced players. Even in the Colosseum, there are other F2P heroes that do a better job than him.

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