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13 Reasons Why You’re Losing Your Battles

You probably suck at Lords Mobile and this article on how to successful fight a Lords Mobile battle will probably fall on an empty brain. But here I go anyways. Wasting my finger muscles to type this article.

This article is more of a beginner article. The sad thing is that I’ve seen lots of “experts” not doing some of these things… Go figure!

  1. Not Sending the Proper Familiars
  2. Sending the Wrong Heroes
  3. Sending the Wrong Troop Type
  4. Ignoring the 60/40 Rule
  5. Talents in the Right Setting
  6. You Need More Research
  7. Not Using Anti or Army Boosters
  8. Revealing your Gear
  9. The Correct Gear
  10. Jewels
  11. Not Enough Troops in March
  12. Sending Siege
  13. Not Utilizing Prison and Altar

Not Sending the Proper War Familiars

Familiar and Building

Don’t even get me started. It’s rather shocking what is going on. The Familiar Update came out ages ago (in digital terms) and most players are either sending horrible Army Talent Familiars to battle or not even sending any!

I mean, have they lost their bloody mind?

The Familiars can win the battle, mess up the enemy, and protect your troops from getting killed! Learn how to use the stupid Familiars and SEND THEM TO EVERY BATTLE! YES, EVERY BATTLE.

And for crying out loud, DO NOT EVEN UPGRADE the low-level familiars! Any familiar that gives you any form of HP boost or DEF boost SHOULD NOT BE WOKEN. Let the bloody thing stay asleep and save you cores for the proper Army Talent Familiars. Read my article on Army Talents Familiars and stop being a freak!

Sending the Wrong Heroes

Hero with Sword

Same deal with the problem above. It’s less of a problem, because this is so basic that most people know better, but it still occurs.

There are 3 different types of morons when it comes to sending heroes:

  • The complete morons don’t send any heroes ever. Brain development is not even their forte and so I won’t even waste my time explaining how stupid that it…
  • Then there are morons who don’t bother maxing the medals for their heroes and so each hero is literally giving a 1.5% ATK boost instead of a 30% ATK boost. These jerks are almost as bad as the people above.
  • Next in the long line of idiots are the players who just send any heroes without making sure that the heroes match up with the troops. I don’t care if you’ve maxed your precious demon slayer, DON’T BLOODY SEND HIM if your troops are all Cavalry.
  • And the final group of brainless toads comprises of those who send siege heroes. Ever. DO NOT SEND SEIGE HEROES!

And for CRYING OUT LOUD, don’t send Trickster. EVER!

Sending the Wrong Troop Type

Attack Counters in Lords Mobile

Too many Lords Mobile players make this mistake. They send the wrong troop type and they expect to not get zeroed.

The system is unbelievably simple. An idiot can do it with their eyes closed and yet most players in Lords Mobile have no idea what to do…

  • If the enemy has Infantry, you need to send Cavalry
  • If the enemy has Range, you need to send Infantry
  • And if the enemy has Cavalry, you need to send Range

Here’s the list if the enemy has primarily two troops:

  • If the enemy has Infantry and Range, you need to send Infantry
  • If the enemy has Infantry and Cavalry, you need to send Cavalry
  • If the enemy has Range and Cavalry, you need to send Range

In the situation where you see an even balance of all three troop types, send your strongest troop set. Don’t send mixed. Send a single troop march of your strongest troop type!

For example, in my case, my Cavalry is far stronger than Infantry and Range. I usually will send a full march of Cavalry if I don’t know what I’m hitting or if I see a castle (or fort) with an even balance of all 3 troops.

Also, always make sure that you change the Army Lineup to match your troop attack.

Overall Expert Tip: Attack with 1 Troop Type and Defend with Mixed troops.

Another Advanced Expert Tip: If your enemy is without anti-scout but you don’t know what phalanx their in, send low level troop, and see what new troops hit their infirmary. Great tip. Simple and effective.

Ignoring the 60/40 Rule

dead army

This is really important to know. If you’re attacking another castle or fort, and you lose troops not all of them will die on the spot. The ratio is very simple. Sixty percent will get thrown into the infirmary and forty percent will drop dead – red dead.

Here’s the thing.

If you’re attacking an unknown target and you suspect that it may be a trap, ALWAYS send 60% from your strongest troops and then send 40% from T1 or T2.

Lords Mobile will always kill the weakest troops first. This will enable your T4 or T5 to go to the infirmary instead of dying.

Talents in the Right Setting

war talents in proper settings
The left side is Military Talents. The right side is Resource Talents

I know that this guide is primarily dedicated towards beginners, but I’ve seen experts mess this up and so here we go.

Put your talents in the proper setting! If you attack without your Military Talent Tree, you will lose out on a serious SERIOUS boost.

Don’t be an idiot. Activate it, before going to battle.

You Need More Research

Researching Building Zoomed in

I see this with lots of serious P2P players. They’ll drop a few thousand dollars on the top gear, expecting to be the King of their Kingdom, but when they attack anyone significant they will end up getting zeroed.

Gear is critical, but research will always give you more. Make sure that you spend a lot of time researching the heck out of the Academy.

Obviously, in order to get T4 you will need to research that whole tree. But there are more. Search for the Military boosts and max them! The same is true with the Familiars skills. A lot of them give you admin military boosts.

Not Using Anti or Army Boosters

anti scout while attacking

Anti-scout is not just to protect yourself from attack, but also to not let the enemy know what troops you will likely send. Consider your anti to be like your pants. Keep it on!

Sometimes you’ll need an extra boost and the Military Readiness Army ATK Boosts can give you a 70% Army ATK. If you want to pop it. It’s a good idea. But make sure that you activate it right before your attack hits, and then reactivate anti before someone scouts you.

Revealing your Gear

Hiding Troops in Lords Mobile

Unlike the rest of your information, which can be hidden by an anti-scout, the gear is always available for your enemies to see.

Here’s the thing. If they see that you have your Cavalry Gear ready and hot, they will start preparing their range.

My recommendation is to either put a fake lineup or to switch out the gear for something like speed or research.

Or you can take the time to unequip each gear. (Don’t do this!)

You’ll want to do this for defending your castle as well! Make sure that they don’t know your strongest troop type when they’re attacking you.

The Correct Gear

Mythic Cav Gear

Here’s the thing. Gear makes a difference. You can’t just pop on whatever looks pretty and call it a night.

Plan out a strategy and then build up the proper gear for your fighting style. If you’re fighting with a half-baked set of gear, you shouldn’t be surprised when your leader gets capped.

Do some research for crying out loud and then actually turn it on before your troops hit their target!


Jewels Paid Pack

Yes. That’s the entire tip. Jewels. Lots of them and maxed!

Get them bloody done.

Not Enough Troops in March

Max Army Boost

This is a really common problem that most people aren’t aware of. The size of your army makes a real difference. Research how to max you Max Army Size and then do it.

If your march or rally is only sending a small amount, you can’t expect your march to have much success.

Read the article above to make sure that you’re sending the maximum amount of troops possible.

Sending Siege

Siege in battle

Don’t send siege. Just don’t. It’s a simple instruction. Just follow it!

Siege is good for only one thing. To not create. Comprendo?

It’s really not so hard to understand!

Not Utilizing Prison and Altar

Hero in Prison

The Prison and Altar can give you a joint boost of 68% ATK boost. That’s a lot. If you’re not taking advantage of that boost, you’re really missing out on a chance to make your attack successful.

Get a few leaders capped and then go after the big fish.

The prison and the altar are big deals in Lords Mobile.

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