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How to Win the Lords Mobile Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is the ultimate prize to be won in Lords Mobile. Can you win it? Yes. Will you win it? Probably not. Will some newbie happen to win it and then quit the game two days later? Almost certainly YES!

Keep reading if you want to find out how to improve your chances from 0.0001% to 0.0002%.

What is the Labyrinth?

Boss in Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is activated after you complete skirmish 8 in research.

In short, its a place where you can smash holy stars against a monster (usually the Dark Frostwing, Jade, or Gargantua), and win prizes. After ten attacks the monster is dead. The prizes range from lame to average, unless of course, you win the jackpot. Every once in a while you get free holy stars (combo boosts) and you don’t have to waste resources to attack.

Every day you get a free 100 Holy Stars, which gives you one attack against the monster.

Important Note: Due to the fact that you have a better chance of winning an actual lottery, I wouldn’t recommend ever paying real money for holy stars. The Labyrinth is for gutsy gambling. And it’s for stupid people.

Occasionally (a.k.a very very rarely), after defeating the monster, a Gem Goblin will appear. Every hit against a Gem Goblin will give you free gems.

If you happen to hit the Gem Goblin and actually kill it, you will receive all the gems in the treasure. The chances of doing that are very very very very rare!

How to Unlock the Elite Labyrinth?

Attacking Gem Goblin in Labyrinth

The Elite Labyrinth can only be accessed by purchasing a $99 package that contains the entry pass for the Elite Labyrinth. Like the normal labyrinth, you will get a free Elite Labyrinth attack every day.

What is the advantage of the Elite Labyrinth? Simple. 11 of everything. Every attack gives you 10x the rewards.

The other advantage of Elite Labyrinth is that you get x11 the hits against the boss… and you get x11 the reward.

Important Note: As mentioned in my article of paid packs, I strongly recommend buying a pass to the Elite Labyrinth if you’re a P2P user. The value is worthwhile. Usually, you’ll get junk but it adds up and after a few months you’ll get your money’s worth. After a year or two, you will really be happy that you did it!

Tips and Hacks to Win the Labyrinth?

Boss Appeared in Labyrinth
  • There seems to be a pattern to the winners, and so i recommend watching the timestamp of the previous winners and extrapolating when it is best for you to attack. There seem to be busier times of the day when more winners can be found. Follow the pattern and attack.
  • Get a lot of holy stars.
  • Luck
  • More Luck
  • Use all of your saved-up holy stars in one burst, ideally when it coincides with a Hell Event or Guild Fest.
  • Purchase the Elite Labyrinth
  • If you do want to buy holy stars, your best option is to wait until a dedicated Holy Stars Package appears in the store. Those packages have the best value.

Expert Hack for Labyrinth Boss

There is another technique that I noticed. It has never gotten me the jackpot, but it has caused the Boss to appear very often. Only add enough holy stars to finish that round.

So for example, if there is 70% left on the Dark-Frostwing, add only 7 holy stars and attack. Very often this will cause the boss to appear. Quickly add more holy stars and then attack.

My theory is that Lords Mobile wants to force you to purchase more and if you see that the boss has appeared you’ll quickly drop some money in order to keep playing…

This is just a personal theory but I’ve tested this and the odds are much more favorable when using this technique!

If this trick works, please tell me in the comments. I’m curious to get feedback about this theory!

How to Get Holy Stars

Holy Stars can be achieved in a bunch of ways. It’s not such a rare item in Lords Mobile. Getting a lot, however, is quite hard.

Here are the most effective ways to get Holy Stars. Pay attention or else:

  • Monster Hunting. Not the most effective option, but it is the easiest way for beginners to try and grab them.
  • Events. Hell Events and 24-hour Challenge will sometimes drop Holy Stars.
  • Paying real money. Yes, the Paid Store will have paid packs that you can buy that will give you lots of Holy Stars. The downside, of course, will be that you will be living under a bridge because you will have no money to pay for your rent. Also, the Daily Login Pack usually has some Holy Stars.
  • The Trickstar Familiar. This is THE BEST WAY to get a lot of Holy Stars all the time. Unlock the Elder Stage of this Trickstar Familiar and then max it. You’ll get 2 random Holy Star Items every 2 days. This is incredible. I get 10k Holy stars with 1 of the items ALL THE TIME!
  • Phantom Knight. I have a whole article dedicated to the Phantom Knight. Summary: He’s bloody good. Waste all your energy on hitting him. You’ll get a ton of Holy Stars.
  • Getting Holy Stars as a gift item
  • Buying them with Gems

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